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Marry for Money


January 4, 2012
Love for love! Marriage is totally unnecessary for love as are infinite other things that are reasons why people marry. My focused observation over the years on marriage is that almost no couple consist of two people who love unconditionally, and have the same, or a high passion for being married for reasons other than ‘insecurities’. I love the real complete harmony of two people deep in love with each other. Nothing to do with marriage, or how long the physical connection will last! Nothing! Rare is the couple in unconditional love who marry – why should they other than to receive government monetary benefits if available?

Any one truly in love, does not insist on holding on to it, but is open to the ‘freedom’ of the other as more important. Marriage is a contractual bonding, and is maintained primarily by agreements, fears of what changes might occur if terminated, and a less than desired fear of losing whatever love is there, if only in memory. Love is life’s golden opportunity to raise one’s level of consciousness, and lead a more full and blissful life. Love comes ‘alone’ especially through parental love, or later meditation on the ‘alone path’.

Few are ready, or will ever be, to reach to love’s pinnacles but to squander in some semblance of love coupled with a variety of negative clouds where love can be seen or felt for all but a minimal percentage of the time. Being in love is wise. Marrying frequently isn’t, and does not guarantee continued love. Unconditional love from two people guarantees a permanent fixed smile of love within for each, together or not. Few men seek to marry for the security of money from the woman. Few women don’t seek security monetarily and otherwise. Nothing wrong in that, but realize that if genuine love is the primary reason to be together, the pickings are extremely small for those qualified, including your unconditional capacity to respond.

Love for money and love for the other is all too often about the same. Always make sure, a sufficient amount of love is in you, and the other, then if you must, seek one who makes living comfortable which likely includes money in marriage seeking. Why not have money if quality love is not easy or hopeless to find? It will require losing some of the ‘freedom’ that real love brings, but money can buy a lot of privileges. Far less than 1 out of a thousand will be focused on superconscious love, and few of those find a ‘need’ to marry. Married or partnering in a superconscious love may be the best existence available, but the same ‘alone’, and centered is not far behind!

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