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Old People Power


January 2, 2012
Is there an ‘old people’s unconscious mafia’ consisting of millions? You betcha! Who controls most of the money, and power – hence ability to control where the world is going? Answer – Old people, or those over 45! Now that more are living to 100, that’s 55 years for some to give back to make it a better world, but instead most of them do nothing of any value for the most troubled world ever. Old people may have less time left, but more disposable time than the young, many with money or power in infinite dimensions of life. There are more than 100 million ‘elders’ over 45 in America!

Back in Grandma and Grandpa’s time, not that far back, it was about nursing themselves, and coasting to the end, which came years earlier than  today. We in a more ‘advanced world (allegedly)’, and have been given life’s baton to run with what wisdom that supposedly comes with age, loads of time, and in a significant amount of cases, the money to support those making a difference. It’s no longer about getting cookies at grandma’s house, but making sure the ‘grannies’ are doing something with their life, and for the younger who struggle with education bills, kids, buying a house that you, who are older, drove the price up at least 10 times, and out of reach for most younger. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for the younger to struggle with.

Wisdom dole’s itself out by infinite amounts. Sometimes a child gets more of it than a parent or some old geezer who should have more. The older do always have certain basic wisdoms which rarely the younger have like being careful what they eat. Don’t expect too much more than that though. When the ‘oldies’ were younger they got stuck chasing imaginary dreams while forgetting to fix the home within which is ‘free’ for the doing! That’s why the world is in the mess it is in, because those now older didn’t focus on the education of knowing and loving themselves, opting instead for twirling away precious time and energy on the ‘outer’ entertainments, and slacking on the innertainments.

‘Senior Abuse’ goes both ways! Any capable senior who doesn’t give back at this great time of evolutionary opportunity and crisis time, is shirking showing appreciation for the God (or not) that gave them a life after millions of years at an unprecedented time of evolvement for everything. Just sitting back and thinking it’s just technology and ‘pills’ is to continue abusing the opportunities to help, and show appreciation for the many blessings. Who knows, there may be a greater reward on the ‘other side’ for those who gave a ‘little action’ to better life. The famous Dr. Oz says there are 3 things to do to keep healthy as life enters the ‘autumn years’, 1 – Walk 2 – eat healthy 3 – attitude, or have a passion! That all equals 10’s of millions of those ‘older’ who are capable, and wise enough to actively help make it more loving world.

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