Why Love Jesus?

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Why Love Jesus?

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December 29th, 2011

Why the hell not? You either hate or love, or sit on the fence not being able to make up your mind. Humpty Dumpty did that one, and you know what happened to him. What did Jesus ever do that was wrong? He never suggested wars be fought on his or god’s behalf, or doing any form of violence. Even Muslims love Jesus, and give him an important spot in their Holy Book as a Prophet. No one has been given that honor in over a millennium and a half!  Let’s add the people who love Jesus, including the Muslims, and that equals half the Earth who loves him. Likely most of the rest of the world ‘that’s loving’ would feel the same.

One doesn’t even need to be a Christian to love Jesus! Muslims love him! It seems that most love their perception of Jesus, and not what was the purported ‘real one’. Certain characteristics can be assumed according to information we have of the times. It’s important to note that the residents of the Middle East have a very old culture of their own. Other than ‘technology’, probably little has changed in general attitude. Women are looked upon as serving men for example. Men don’t really ‘date’, and have little choice in exploring a variety of women.  Not talked about, and yet accepted, is that men still enjoy the intimate company of young boys too.

Whether Jesus fit into that as a young boy, we can’t know. We are told Jesus was a virgin though? That would mean with females of course, but we must accept that on faith. Jesus would have been a normal boy in many ways, as most men would agree. For example, in terms of masturbation, no male on earth who is healthy could avoid it. Few really think about it, but the average size of males then was closer to five feet than not. If Jesus was around then, he would have been a svelte 120 pounds or so – hardly a size for any sport today, other than bantam weight wrestling or boxing. Just a few curious thoughts on this remarkable men.

With much improved investigative technologies today, a few, claiming to be objective, credible researchers of religion’s historical facts, have concluded there is no identifiable evidence of this man called Jesus by any ‘contemporary’ writer. Rubbish – there was one many years after Jesus’s transformation into the ‘spirit world’. That’s good enough! Claiming that their were predecessors in other cultures to Jesus with essentially the same story doesn’t matter – it wasn’t Jesus. Facts are not necessary for ‘belief or faith’, of certainly ‘loving Jesus’. Heck, we love Santa Claus, and it doesn’t matter if he was real or not. One thing that is real is to emulate the qualities of a Christ, and nothing to do whether there was a Jesus or not! Christ is perfect, and so are you when you’re ‘in Christ consciousness’!

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