Ignorance is Selfish

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Ignorance is Selfish

December 30, 2011
This is the age of getting smarter, and helping others climb the ‘smarter ladder’. Ignorance is a ‘false bliss’ to make the ignorant feel happy and safe, but the ‘fear of knowing’ and being able to handle the truth sometimes traumatizes many into denial. None of us is free of some kind of ignorance that would be helpful if replaced with knowledge, or better yet – knowing. Ignorance looks to protect it’s position inspite of ‘well meaning’ people who attempt to enlighten the denier to at least open their mind, and question.

We are living at a time where many cultures and countries are beginning to be open to greater education. Poverty is one of the great retardants of growth for knowledge. Poverty of thinking and action is the real poverty that keeps humanity in the ‘stone age mentality with technology’. A ‘poverty of openness’ to new and better ways to live a more evolved life is the status quo for most of humanity even in the ‘so called’ developed countries where distractions fill the mind that’s greedy and lustful for instant gratification. There is no more room for that kind of poverty, but it’s so deeply burrowed in the mind of those who think life owes them a living that nothing less than an ‘extreme being makeover’ will work to change the ‘denied’ ignorance.

Denial is the protection of not even acknowledging ignorance, particularly of the ‘self’ as well as how one can be a part of making it a more evolving world out here. Medications can be helpers for denial of ignorance. In a way, it’s a chain reaction! Living in a real 3-D world is much more nourishing, and exciting despite the challenges than ‘blocking’ unresolved issues into the ‘denial box’, and left to rot. The ‘denial’ effects come up to twist the ‘real you’ into a facsimile that you can’t even see, but a few aware others can.

Existing in life with ‘blinders’ on to protect what one doesn’t want to question is to fallow in a shallow life, void of the essences of love and joy. Life is to be lived on the ‘high road’ being open to all positive possibilities. Challenge what you think, and what you avoid that’s healthy. Closing yourself to open communication with compassion, and empathy for others is to live in an ignorance that stifles, or eliminates giving your love to others. Be selfless in encouraging yourself to have an open heart and mind. The mind will always have ignorance, but the heart, fully open, will eliminate all ignorance of love. Always being open to knowledge and knowing is to be on a road of godliness. Face fears, eliminate ignorance, open up to knowledge and knowing, feel the rise in love!

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