Atheists are Knuckleheads

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Atheists are Knuckleheads

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December 28, 2011
It’s good manners to respect everyone’s beliefs. Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, atheists, rationalists, etc., all need respect for their conclusions in their selection of a ‘way of life’. Religion is, in it’s simplest definition, a ‘way of life’. Let’s assume that all definitions of God can be boiled down to the word, ‘life’, and life including everything. No one ‘believes’ in life who’s playing with a full deck – ‘we KNOW life’ is the most important thing, value, or whatever. Life in it’s ‘deductive’ analysis’ has infinite aspects like love, joy, death, pain, hope, on and on.

Atheists are basically liars who have a bit of an ‘ego problem’ as they react against those who ‘believe in God’, albeit the wrong viewpoint of God. Atheists are so fixated on denying the God that ‘believers’ proselytize, where they have lost sight of that God is just a word really meaning all of life!

Atheists seem not to respect the story of Jesus (or Muhammad, etc.). Now – not everyone who is a Christian has seen Jesus, but they all love Jesus. That you have to respect whatever your feelings are about those ‘believers’. I have met many here and there who claim to having ‘seen jesus in person’, and even in the flesh! Who’s to say that they have not? Respect their experience, and ask questions so you may be blessed with their experience. Questions I ask include (after being impressed): Where, when and how did you see him? What was he like? Did he talk to you or lay hands on you? What clothing did he wear? How many times did you see him? Do you know anyone else who has? Any advise from him? And, so forth….

Jesus rose from the dead. Regardless of no historical credible witnesses having written of this right at that time, respect a persons belief! Jesus has the ability to project himself anywhere someone prays to see him, even though sometimes he is too busy helping others to show up, then go to the Father or God, which is life. Belief in Jesus is much more credible than an atheist who says life (god), is an illusion. One great thing about the Muslims is that millions pay respect to their Messiah by calling their children, Muhammad. I’ve heard of no person other than Latinos who call their kids, Jesus. That to me sounds like – no respect. In that way, I can’t respect Christians, however Jesus taught ‘love’, Buddha taught compassion – those I’m grateful for, and lead my life (which is religion) by love and compassion….and ‘respect’ for others beliefs … even though…! Arhata

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