Love is Illogical

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Love is ‘Illogical’


December 26, 2011
Ask most if love is logical or illogical, and the logical/obvious answer will be, ‘illogical’! Many seem stunned when they hear that love is ‘logical’. A persons ability, as shown by all past experience, to receive, and give love can be accurately ‘graphed’ on a logical number scale, and with accuracy. When it comes to how one is likely to love in the now or future, the past is an accurate indicator. The past experiences, particularly from childhood, set a predetermined pattern of one’s likelihood of continuing that same path in ‘love couplings’.

Before diving into ‘relationship waters’, it behoves you to find out the emotional background of your partner, and they yours, to determine what kind, or lack of, harmony will occur. Both experiences can be graphed to indicate how the outcome of any relationship will be. Rarely is there any variation. This applies to many aspects of ones life be it sports, music, intellect, and so forth. Like cement, you are set in many ways early on. Until recent years, that probability was nearly 100%! With the advent of more and higher education, the possibilities of ‘change’ do happen, although still somewhat rare.

Some have little energy for bonding with another to experience the ‘resonance’ of any kind of love. Whether that’s caused by unresolved traumatic issues or not, it is a path to find the love with an alleged god in human form from ancient times as monks or nuns do (you can bet the word ‘nun’ was ‘male created’!). Although, having ‘resonance’ with the invisible is not for everyone! Godliness can be experienced with the deep love of another, although all but a few experience the ‘daily hum drum of life’ in either way. In all parts of life, ‘kinks’ need to be worked out for best results, and relationships are usually entered with ‘kinks’, and remain with ‘kinks’ that tend to expand.

Most anyone can move beyond a low love vibration resulting from lack of skills to move beyond the issues that ‘derail’ any sense of a steady high frequency of love and harmony. Whether raising the joy and bliss within a partnership or alone, it must be done inside each individual alone. ‘Alone’ involves meditation to raise the consciousness above life’s impediments, or blocks to love deep and completely.

Illogical love comes from ‘conditional love’ where no one is ‘letting go’ of all attachments. Unconditional love, is the logical choice, but beyond the mind of logic. Empty the mind of the past, and future while being in the moment as one eliminates all the ‘illogical’. Start with ‘intent’ (A). ‘Be’(B) that which you seek, and ‘see’ (C) all that has been there waiting for you to be on the ABC’s path starting with intent, being, and seeing. It’s logical that people feel love is illogical when they journey into love less than 100% ready! Your golden life is before you!

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