Love is Logical

Love is Logical!!

December 25, 2011
Love is beyond the logic the mind knows, but it’s measurement is very logical. Deep ‘I love you’s ‘ are beyond words and sounds. It’s the peaking of energy of disappearing into a space beyond words. Passing into love’s arms is an experience beyond what one could ever imagine wanting in a heaven. Moving beyond the love you thought was love is to crack open a chasm that releases who you thought you were, instead to be forever in a lush valley of quiet vibrating love that becomes part of your being in whatever transpires. The shadows of love that come and go with changing moments merge into a throbbing whisper of love that at any moment reaches it’s peaks.

Love at it’s highest experience is a resonation with the tune of another in precisely the same harmony. The scent of that peak love will always be behind every moment of your life irrespective of all challenges. That peak sensitivity of love ignites in an inner compassion to want others to enjoy the same, and while exploring the challenge to find ways to help them see and experience the same. Fear, and consequent resistance in it’s infinite forms, allows only sporadic, varying forms of loves feelings. Love is popularly illogical because the ‘logical love’ is ignored!

Given that it’s the most sought after state of being that’s free in the world, it’s only ‘logical’ that everyone wants more love, and better yet, ‘the best, highest love’. Why do so many seem to get stuck in what can be regarded as love that’s always confronted with fears, angers, disappointments, frustrations and every negative emotional feeling available? The few who walk around filled with love, also feel the same thing, however less often, and they have the ability with love and awareness to convert it into a ‘softer negativity’ surrounded by love.

Every person’s ability to love has no limits, but their choice of clinging to the lack of love in the past. To move higher in love, the cup of the past ‘problems’ must be emptied, detached, or let go of. Only then can the ‘cup for love’ be filled with ‘pure, fresh love’. The love capability that each has without emptying that ‘old cup of love filled with negatives’ can be measured exactly to determine one’s ‘love status’ for all future close connections, and quite logically. Unless, that ‘polluted cup of love’ that has been accepted as part of one’s being, is emptied, and refilled with the highest energy of love possibilities, it’s the ‘same ole, same ole’. See and accept where you are, open your heart, and let new love enter and fill the heart. A heart filled with love will always be filled, and ready for endless love explosions. Logically, why accept less?

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