Unprotected Love

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Unprotected Love!


December 21, 2011
People are good at ‘protected, conditional love’, but with the population ever increasing, the cart of ‘love with conditions’ has been put before the ‘horse of unprotected love’!  Not a good idea to play ‘Russian roulette’ with ‘un-thought out sex’ especially where love, like in a horse race, doesn’t even come in with a ‘win, place, or show’! Sex, and to ‘hell with love’ with a consenting partner may not be the best use of energy, but not the worst either! Love with sex, and yet beyond the sex, is at least good for a ‘show’ or third place. Every thing has sex, but only humans can explore the journey of sex with love to it’s fullest. Why not saddle up for the ‘full run’?

Seems we are all given the ability to ‘fall from love’, and often with hurtful results that may impair further journey into an ‘unlimited love’. To ‘rise’ from a fall in love is a blessing that builds not only more ability to love, but nourishes the soul. Wadding in the waters of love doesn’t provide the everlasting elixir of what deep, unlimited love does. Most seem to go ‘sailing in a boat of love’ unprepared for the many changes that can happen, and if the love meets rough waters, and capsizes the love, few are ready to swim back into a growing love.

Unlike ‘protected sex’, protected love is often love that is held back, or repressed because of some fear stemming from a lack of love as a child, often with ‘traumas’ that need to be resolved, like a boat with leaks before ‘hitting the waters’ of deep unprotected love. Unprotected love is love having the heart fully cooperative to let go in receiving and giving with no holds barred. That ‘condition’ scares even the seeming toughest adventurer who is unprepared to love themselves, let go and dive into the ocean of the endless energy of love.

Love is transforming if all fear is relinquished as akin to a state like death where there is a total, beyond the mind and any agenda, ‘letting go’ and emerging into the cosmos. ‘Protected love’ is for those who are not able, or willing to move into ‘loves deepest chasms’. Generally, two people partnering are both leery, and unprepared to dive together. Choosing a partner who shows no fear of the depths of love is a much wiser choice than falling in love where one, or both, can’t swim to a rising in the consciousness of love. Until recently, few people on earth went beyond shallow, conditional love that bonded them in the clutches of an obligatory, unsatisfactory arrangement that never rose beyond ‘conditional’ and had little hope of improving.

We are entering an age where the consciousness of love, because of education and freedoms, is unlimited. Today, one can much likelier break through ‘the sound barrier’ of yesterday’s hold and repression on love. Breaking through the barrier of ‘common sex with love’ opens up a whole new horizon that could create a heaven on earth for billions. Time to put all barriers down for that, and open yourself to the transformation.


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