Gold, Piss, & Internet

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Gold, Piss, & Internet


December 20, 2011
Three precious things you want: Time, Love, and Freedom. Few have ample amount of all three. Today with technology and the internet, there is infinitely more information accessible in a second on almost anything. There is a big obstacle or two though. Most of our capable, intelligent citizens are bogged down in the financial pursuits, having children, maintaining their place of residence, not to mention entertainment possibilities that could take every free moment of one’s life up. Few have the time to study what’s going on in their community and country, or to actively participate in changing it for the better.

Here’s the challenge hypothetically – if you could have all the gold you wanted, or have a choice to have an ample amount of ‘time, love, and freedom’ to find out ANYTHING you wanted – which would you choose? The internet can answer everything from ‘how to boil an egg, to Charlie Chaplin’s great speech in ‘The Dictator’, to reviewing a Congressional Bill, or looking up alternative medical advise – there is NO limit. You’ll take both?

Never work the same! Money is like ‘piss’, it has to go move, and be used even if it’s hoarded – that shuts down ‘love and freedom’ with the stress necessary to either ‘sit on it hidden away’, or the infinite ways to use it for things that’ll take more of your time. Vast supplies of currency are beneficial in limited ways, but shut down, or lower the feeling part of the mind and heart. When I started making good money in NYC, Ioved what it would provide! However, after a couple of years, I found it less and less necessary to focus on spiritual, emotional attributes. It was clearly affecting the spiritual side which was a large part of me.

Somewhere in the bible it’s suggested that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to rise into an enlightened state of the spiritual. The ‘analogy’ in my experience is correct! Impossible to serve two masters compared to serving one with all your heart and wisdom. Why ‘piss’ your life away chasing money when that, and the consequences are all you’ll have later in life, AND nothing to show those who should have been more loved, yourself, and the world at large. Gold is nice, but not what the ‘attachment brings’. All the information that never was able to be accessed without great difficulty, if at all, is right here, right now, plus the time, love, and freedom with your choice. The new man and woman opt for that choice, and to make a difference in the world while helping others to do the same.


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