Sugarless Daddy Greed

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Sugarless Daddy Greed


December 18, 2011
The world needs ‘sugar daddy’s for conscious causes! The opportunity for a mass awakening gets better everyday, but for clinging to needless greed that has little meaning. I’ve known many females who were beneficiaries of a generous male for physical ‘benefits’, and rarely one ‘just because’. I’m all for ‘sugar daddying’, but it’s a pretty ‘sugarless’ act, at this time of great consciousness need, to give just for one’s own pleasure, and not consider causes that help elevate consciousness of the masses who have been tricked into believing old myths that need to be buried for posterity.

The ‘matrix of denial’ clouds the easily accessible opportunity for people to be informed
of the secrets of life hidden in plain sight, but with a heavy cloud cover as the dawn of the age of enlightenment attempts it’s birth. The almost ‘surreal technological developments’ occurring can either be an aid to the opening of information to expand consciousness, or just as easily keep humanity dumbed down, and ripe for self annihilation. Those who life ‘benefits’ monetarily, need to be cognizant of who they need to thank beginning with all of life, and those who are contributing to a more conscious world for now and the future.

Stockpiling of assets (which is all about power), that require more than a few minutes a day to watch over, is just ‘greed’! Greed and getting over on the vulnerable that serves no consciousness but the unconscious thirst for accumulation beyond reason is just a selfish imposition on life. Stockpiling of assets that require only periodic attention is even more greedy, but not as much as the one who’s life revolves around the ‘buck’, and the knuckle headed saying, ‘well I earned it’! So what? At what expense of your spiritual consciousness, as well as others who could use your help in making it a more compassionate, loving world.

At least one person comes to mind who is at the top of their field with credible, life changing information that no significant ‘media’ will be open enough to present due to being a slave or prostitute to corporate advertising money. This talented, diligent, honest individual’s information (and there are a small few others addressing the same topic also) will ultimately serve to lift the ‘dumbing down’ of the planet. Corporate, political, religion, and closed minded judgmental types lock the door to the ‘explosion of consciousness’ in an age never before seen on Earth.  The unconscious sugarless daddy’s would rather give their help to benefit themselves, or others who will make no difference in raising the godliness that Earth has waited to see since inception.

It’s time to open up the head, heart, and wallet let all greed become filled with helium, and float away in the wind. To know that you’re here with meaning, you need to give back to life – after all, the next moment is not necessarily yours. Free of monetary selfish power is to be free for the mysteries of real love for yourself and consciousness!

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