No Room for You!

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No Room for You!

December 13, 2011
Recently, I’ve again found people (friends of one degree or another) very resistant when I requested if they’d be open to letting a dear friend in need stay for a few days at their place. I only have friends who are ‘loving’, and yet mysteriously reticent when queried as to their helping another friend. What I didn’t tell friends, for obvious reasons, is that this friend in need would be worth them paying for her to stay! It’s a puzzle why people today don’t want the opportunity of helping a loving stranger who is really someone’s friend? It also just so happens at this point, that it’s the holiday Christmas season where we all are in the throes of giving and receiving!

Now, I have to confess, that I’m more discerning about who can stay at my Spiritual Center than I was at my Spiritual Community/Center in Los Angeles (Venice) where I only said ‘yes’, hence naming it (as now) the Yesss (Meditation) Center. In Venice Beach, once their were 64 staying in a 4,000 sq. ft double house space with a 7 car garage! Like now, it was the holiday season, and the beach can be cold even in Southern California in December. Normally there were closer to 30, and always entertaining as everyone had different backgrounds, agendas, habits, and anything imaginable!

It’s really a wonderful opportunity to experience a new energy not to mention a feeling of giving. The ‘guest’ is often tearfully happy at the generosity too! Once their was a lovely mother and an 11 year old son. Last year that son at ‘6’3’’ showed up as a 27 year old very spiritual guy at my ‘free speech display’ over a thousand miles a way by accident, and filled with those memories. The joy of giving and receiving is a real blessing in life, and both can have nothing with more than the free spirit of heart’s love.

It’s been said there are no more than five or six degrees of separation between two people in who they are connected with. That became fascinating in Venice as over a period of 5 years, I had 3 entirely separate guests who were at one time close to the ‘rock star’, Elvis Presley. One was an ex girl friend of Elvis. Another was an attendee of a meditation group who was Elvis’s spiritual advisor!

There is always room in the heart for giving and receiving, and either opens the heart even more! Expect ‘nothing’ and just give where possible with a smile in the heart. The best things in life, and the ones that are lasting, are free! Share your love – it builds even more love! Arhata

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