More Christ, Less Jesus

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More Christ, Less Jesus


December 12, 2011
Christ consciousness is available to anyone. It has nothing to do with being a Christian.The ignorance of humans is easily manipulated with the threat of eternal hell unless they are ‘Saved’, particularly by the two biggest religions, Christianity and Islam. The ‘story of Jesus’ is one of great inspiration, and should be taken as an example, for those who find it so, to be inspired about it. Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, enlightenment, etc., are words and phrases to inspire to live life lovingly with compassion, and discernment of the highest way in all actions.

Think, feel, and speak your own mind in ever evolving consciousness. No one dead or alive who is authentic wants you to be threatened in anyway by not adhering to their thoughts. Only those with an agenda of using your ‘naivete’ for their gain by convincing you it’s ‘your gain’, are following a karma that will backfire on not only them but darken your eyesight and heart sight to experience dominions beyond other’s words that will limit you.

Christmas is an inspiring holiday season to welcome in the earth’s rest, reflection period before ‘Springing’ forward to the rising of Spring and Summer. The beliefs of religions are riddled with truths for people centuries ago, and some that are current, but also with many suggestions that are no longer as relevant as many contemporary writers suggest. Religions are filled with superstition, and suggestions of ‘voo doo’.  Being ‘Christ-like’ is to get the message of the bible. Writers may have been of good intent, and decided to use analogies and parables for the uneducated, ignorant masses. Certainly if they could spend a few days here now they would clearly agree.

‘Mas’ is more – more Christ which is for all of humanity. What it means again is being more conscious and loving. The so called ‘Second coming’ really means ‘you’ coming to accept a godliness while always moving to a higher consciousness. Making Jesus an idol through worshipping him, when it’s an archetype to stimulate forms of higher behavior is to miss the ‘mark’ and create an intermediary (priest, pastor) who encourages thinking that an illusory figure is real. Focus on consciousness calling it Christ consciousness if it suits you, but detach from any addiction to the bible or holy books which are filled with ancient language, as well as attempt to change the wording to todays vernacular.

No holy book mentions the gift of laughter. No holy book suggest that love making between two people can, and does raise consciousness. No holy book suggests using the techniques of meditation or yoga to raise consciousness. Celebrate ‘Christmas’ with the intent to let go of all others words and be ‘more(mas) filled with consciousness and love (Christ). No one needs to follow anyone’s words to rise in high consciousness especially if told not doing results in eternal hell! All religions are really the same ‘one religion’ with different names and religious salesmen proselytizing theirs as ‘the only one’. They are just a mask from knowing the real divine you! The image of Jesus is used to divert you from seeing that through consciousness you will see you can be a Christ! That won’t make anyone money, and cause them to lose control over you!


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