Selling ‘Beliefs’

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Selling ‘Beliefs’


December 10, 2011

No one who sells love or God admits what they are doing!  To know when selling the ‘invisible’ is happening, needs a keen intuition, and a common sense mind to see that in either case, it’s selling fantasy.  Of course, not that love, or God doesn’t exist, but not as told and sold. To be able to ‘believe’, is a gift that only humans have. To know when it’s time to drop the belief, or become less attached, opens the door to ‘knowing’, eliminating the necessity to ‘believe’ any longer. Stuck on beliefs without accessing your tools of thinking for yourself is to not ‘trust your own thoughts and experiences’.

The world is filled with ‘shadows of truth’ that are accepted as truths with no questioning. The power of questioning is a divine gift only possessed by humans, but society has neutered, and castrated that gift to falsely empower those who receive benefits in their mind by using control of you. When in college, there were many courses that were encouraged, and judged on the use of a persons creativity, imagination, and skill of presenting a deeper insight, and yet when most are let out into the world to use those gifts, most slide back into conforming to actions and thinking that lacks that examination.

‘Peddling beliefs’ seems to be a way for most who don’t have the courage to go out and get a real job. ‘Peddlers of beliefs’ seem to have the intent to do good, but shun so many other ways to do so without meddling in people’s lives. My experience as a snoopy child always keeping my eyes open was to see numerous incidents of ‘hanky panky’ from the so called ‘religion peddlers’ who pretended to be above such behaviors. Seems that, be it Catholic priests, politicians professing Christian values, football coaches, on and on there is a lot of ‘snake oil selling’ going on hidden under the covers of deception and manipulation for the ‘groomed’ desires of the flesh.

Deep meditation and/or deep love transposes you into a consciousness of thin, rareified air that allows you to see beyond all belief systems into a divine reality that few ever rise to. Walking on water is being in that place with an open mind and heart space. Religions are a form of psychological rape that begins with clever ‘grooming’, and the threat of eternal hell if not followed. Meditation and deep love unlocks the prison of the inability to think on one’s own. Time to be free, and fly to greater heights of consciousness!

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