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December 6, 2010
Obviously God or Allah is inferred to be a male, and why not? The ‘holy books’ are written by men for men (women didn’t read back in those days, uh … neither did 99% of men, in fact there was no mass distribution of books. Few even knew what a book was!  Judging by the ‘fake homophobia’ that goes on in religions, likely the men were sweet on each other. It’s a pretty common understanding that men (like those) were pretty intellectual, and that type tend to not do well with the female specie. Now that it’s becoming acceptable, at least in the US, for same sex marriages, and God knows everything before we discover it, he may have had a Mrs. Male God?

But, perhaps this God isn’t even male, or for that matter even female. A eunuch, or transvestite, or some God computer?? Or, is this ‘God’ some trumped up imaginary spook to put fear of life in some eternal hell worse than what we hear of, and view in person, or on our ‘vision media’? I have asked little kids what God is, and also have asked adults. The answers are very similar!! They ‘hail mary’ it with very naive guesses that end up being less of understandability than if they had said nothing.

Love, on the other hand, has a better chance of being defined by any age, and yet it too is invisible! Perhaps if God is the most important concept in life, it seems only right that at least one term class be devoted to what it means in ‘middle school’! Now the problem might come when looking for a teacher who can say more about God (apart from any religion for surely God isn’t that stupid to be part of a religion). Would this suggestion meet with ‘cries’ from the 1/2 million churches in America and millions more around the world? Is that taking from Peter to pay Paul, in other words from churches, temples, and mosques to give to the schools the task that our ‘holy edifices’ have failed in doing?

Fact is, our educational system is unqualified to hold classes even on love! Rare is the teacher who has had a deep enough experience of love with the ability to talk for a term about it. To be fair, it’s not just teachers, but most everyone. Love is not, nor is God, an intellectual concept anyway, but those with a deep inner wisdom, and love of self are the only qualified spokespersons. Thinking, discerning, opening the heart are the mystery  schools to find the depths of love, and a better clarity of what the word ‘God’ represents. God is a verb.

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