Jews as Non Jews

Jews as Non Jews


December 5, 2011
Yesterday I met ‘three wise men’. As I often do, I was ‘officiating’ at my large free speech display as tourists in a holiday spirit passed down at the waterfront here. Within two minutes 3 separate ‘senior’ men showed up to take pictures, converse, and leave their email identifications. The first wise man was an ex professor of economics and politics at a NY university who declared himself ‘a non jew-jew’ with an open, questioning mind. The second was a very unique ‘Southern California surfer’ who had his surf board atop a large white ‘sleep-in’ van. He claimed to be an expert at teaching people how to grow food in their car (sprouts?). The third was a photographer metaphysical type like the other two.

Never had three separate ‘wise open type’ shown up at the same time. There are ‘pockets’ of individual more enlightened beings as a growing minority in America. At my ‘provocative display’, I look to act as a ‘vacuum’ of those more open, questioning, positive types who actually ‘think’ outside of ‘cookie cutter’ religions that were written by males in ancient times for the people who, ironically, couldn’t read one to three thousand years ago.

People who can, or are new to thinking for themselves rather than letting ‘ancient man’ having done their thinking, are ‘lights of hope’ that we can indeed raise the other billions out of their programmed, dumbed down, self critical minds! These three men were very different from each other, and from varied past paths, but each harmonized in a spirit of realizing the severe problems within the world, and how people need to both look within, and at the same time become educated about the many necessary world changes as well as ‘revelations’ that are exposing the corruptions of the past. The ‘freedom’ in thinking of these three wise men, who had never met each other, was a real light of hope.

We all need to open our minds in a more positive, active, and constructive fashion to rise above the fray of those who seem to fear leaving what they have been told and sold by professional ‘proselytizers’ who preach from ‘tax free’, programming edifices called mosques, temples, and churches. Each agreed that with the recent demonstrating against Wall St.s Corporate control, the masses have an opportunity to ‘reset’ their thinking and hearts to a higher vibration above the ‘false dreams and holy tales’ that most were brainwashed with from early on. It’s time to rise up, and be the free, discerning humans that can seize the moment of transformation here and now. A spontaneous, extreme makeover manifestation opportunity is knocking on your door to be a light unto yourself, and the world.


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