Beliefs are Fairy Tales

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Beliefs are Fairy Tales

December 3, 2011
All around the world, few are not controlled by ‘beliefs’ just like centuries ago with more primitive beings, only because of technology humans think they are more evolved. Perhaps that’s like a dog thinking because he rides in a car, and lives in a large, expensive dog house with servants who care for him, that he’s quite ‘above’ his ancestors a few dead dogs ago. Absurd isn’t it! Why have any beliefs when there is an opportunity to KNOW? Does ‘critical thinking’ pave the road to coming to reasonable, provable conclusions obliterating the need to ‘conjecture’ or believe? Of course! To ‘believe’ anything means there is also ‘doubt’ involved, otherwise there is no need to ‘believe’, if you know!

My experience is that people are so entrenched in their defense of ‘beliefs’ that they cannot see the clear meaning of it. This is a serious case of programming, brainwashing, and just not accepting a journey of critical thinking, instead being in the venue of harboring ‘fairy tales’. It globally amounts to billions of humanoids saying in hundreds of different languages that, ‘my beliefs are superior to yours’!

However, an important consideration is missing, and that is that the masses are obliging themselves to be ‘stuck and controlled’ by 3 major conspiracies controlling the people of the Earth. For the last 3,000 years, we’ve been hoaxed, conned and bamboozled by three masterful conspiracies designed to control us and rob us of our personal power. Without lengthy discussion of those ‘perspectives’ that an elite few use to control man’s actions, they are primarily: Religion, War, and Money. Within those is a misunderstanding of the meaning of God, no credible historical proof of Jesus, and no proof of aliens (ET’s). The list of control devices, personally and socially seems endless.

The heart knows, the mind has the arrow of imagination in it’s tool box, and that device, with it’s negative use’, can conjure up any phenomenon that is a make believe bubble. That bubble can control one’s experiences even for the good, but it’s a bubble that hides what really is, and allows manipulation by it, and others at the top of the pyramid know how to do it. Beliefs work often but like modified or junk food vs real organic food, the results become apparent to the discerning eye. The imagination and beliefs are powerful but upon close examination, they are not the answer. Knowing is always more true than beliefs, conjecture, hope, accepting without examining. Step out of the control by others and focus on questioning for the real answer within. Trust no man or book that requires a belief or faith. Truth is knowing, not knowledge or belief ….maybe that’s why they are spelled differently!

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