Free, or Fee for Love

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Free, or Fee for Love

November 29th, 2011
Open up your eyes, and see that life’s greatest gift is you seeing you! The challenges begin whether you open your eyes or not. It becomes a matter of how you see yourself, and ‘al fresco’, or outside of yourself. Air and love are free, and should never be for a fee, however there is rarely not a fee on some level for love that doesn’t do justice to the word. Love is used as a masquerade to, in a sense, to obtain receive benefits that would not be forthcoming but by the charm-use of ‘love’s deception. Love that survives only in ‘hot flashes’, or in occasional appearances, extracts a ‘fee’ clandestinely.

You have the capability to be free for the energy of love to light the way of your life. You don’t have to pay for it, except in paying for not having it, and the unconscious consequences. ‘Fools love’ is that phenomenon that is induced, and expressed from the lower forms of consciousness that bring a temporary ecstasy diminishing it’s energy more and more as time goes on in the journey of life. Fool’s love is real, but avoids holding in the heart through life’s infinite challenges. Authentic love is available for all life, even when insurmountable challenges come to be converted to their highest possibilities. Buying love is like the disappearing weather, always dependent on an outside, non dependable source.

Each of you is ‘invisible’ in the scheme of things called life, until life comes from moving into the heart. Taking a slice of life’s pie called love, then seeing that it is the only way to really ‘succeed’ in the journey, is an ‘epiphany of the divine’. The cutting razors edge of the transformative power of love is finding an implant of the mysterious energy of the love that elevates consciousness from the heart. Wrap your arms around the love that waits inside for your heart to open.

‘Love is only experienced and known at a low level compared to all that truly exists.  The God/Spirit frequency is beyond anything we know.  It is Pure Love – It is Pure Light.  As we strive, and come closer to that center of creation, we will know Love completely and be totally In the Light.’ “This is the Age of Aquarius! The phrase and concept of the “Age of Aquarius” comes from a statement in Plato’s dialogues about the ‘Age of Aquarius’ being the place where humanity will be once reason, logic and harmony [mathematics] has freed our minds and brought us to an  utopia. If you listen closely to the lyrics you will hear that reason [sympathy], logic [trust] and science? [understanding] will bring us to a better world.’’ Beyond the experience of total, enduring personal love is a higher, new dimensional love that lights the paths one travels. Always, it is waiting for you!

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