Emotional Danger

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Emotional Danger


December 1, 2011
We have been warned of the dangers of smoking, and even second hand smoke. Emotional dangers? Not a danger much announced as such. There are some ‘yogi like people’ who seem to pride themselves in putting up barriers to avoid all emotions, good or challenging. Emotions, unlike cigarette smoke, have great life values, but also can be out of control for one’s own good. It is said ‘everything in moderation’, but ‘moderation’, minimizing, or excessive when it comes to emotions is a complex road to travel. ‘Moderation’ is safe, especially for one who ‘over reacts’ to the point of causing any discomfort for oneself, or others. On the other end for those who repress emotions, opening to a moderation or balance is a healthy necessity.

Each human being is a complex organism of thinking and feeling, while the unconscious or consciousness  may create barriers to those two phenomenon. Some have fallen into what they perceive as a way to handle life by denying thinking, over thinking or feeling, even when life changing occurrences appear. Difficulties occur when one blocks both thinking and feeling, or exists by blocking most feeling by manipulating their thoughts to deal with or bypass what their undeveloped emotions can’t handle. Life needs both thinking, by using common sense or the discernment of the implications of what lies before them requiring a choice of how to deal with it, and the openness of the heart to feel what unfolds in life.

Life is best with a ‘balance of thought and emotion’. Blocking the positive experience of emotions is symptomatic of not having dealt with prior issues and obstacles from an earlier time in life. Attaining an inner self love allows one to deal with all types of situations that give rise to emotions from ‘tragic loses’, character affronts, mind created dilemmas, etc. Whether grief, anger, elation, sadness, happiness, anxiety, fear, love on and on, a clear, and open mind and heart ‘responds’ rather than reacts.

Emotions that burn into negativity cause illnesses, disabilities, non compassion, hatreds, distrust, and just wrong judgments. On the flip side, emotions are a ‘gateway to a greater love and compassion for the self, and all of life. Emotions can be hurtful, but in every hurt there are positive messages. Love from the depths of the heart remembers for the road ahead filled with the unknown that will often need a healthy loving response. Love ‘you’, and love of another will be natural. Be the watcher of emotions. Love is everywhere, why be blind to seeing and feeling it!

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