USA ‘Shit for Brains’

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USA ‘Shit for Brains’


November 25, 2011
‘Occupy Shopping Malls’ by the 10’s of millions on America’s No. 1 family day! Many set up tents at Malls on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and some with babies! Yes, this is the year of awakening in the world, sadly the majority here awaken to shopping bargains, and as America faces the worst unemployment/economy since the Great Depression in the 1920’s almost 90 years ago. Things are changing faster and faster, and millions of ‘bubble brains’, who have little idea of what’s happening, are worshipping money, or the lack of it. Today, it’s almost irresponsible to have children, and consume yourself in work (or looking for it), and raising kids while the world bursts forth in new, progressive information for a better life, and survival.

Man has lived in a ‘Luciferean’ world of overwhelming negativity in all recorded time. Now for the first time, with the lights of the world coming on to expose ‘corrupt behaviors and thinking’, a significant part of the US runs to the mall toy stores to primarily treat themselves! HELLO!!!!  Is anyone awake?

In the meantime, the other, more concerned Americans are not ‘Occupying Malls, but Wall St. where the real culprits are confronted. The real culprits are the greedy, the misinformed, and ignorant who can’t see the incredible opportunity for humanity to elevate their consciousness to live in a more perfect world with diminishing violence, fear and ignorance. Hopefully, the ‘Occupy Wall St. protestors’ will occupy their protest at America’s shopping malls to confront those ‘willy nilly’ knuckleheads who crush each other to enter ‘toy heaven’.

This is the beginning of a speeded up paradigm shift in all aspects of life everywhere for humanity in a world on it’s way to 8 billion people! Waking up is finding out who you really are, and making corrections to access who you have ensconced yourself into believing is you, with more faults than an old car being hauled off to the junk yard. Most everyone is ‘broken wing’ when it comes to thinking, consciousness, and love. This is the ‘fix yourself’ moment in life before it personally, and collectively runs into a dark bedlam of no return.

Order, order in the ‘court of integrity on earth’, or stay imprisoned in illusions that will further trap you into the ‘dark rabbit hole’ that may lose it’s entrance for coming out into the light. Freedom begins with opening your eyes, being rational, and letting the heart have a say in life. Hijack the Zombie within to clear away the negative for a more positive being.


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