Marriage Creates Lying

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Marriage Creates Lying


Thanksgiving, 2011
Marriage is a divine opportunity to use each other to spiritually climb into a new, and higher dimension of cosmic consciousness. Little known in the world of spiritual meditation is that the love in it’s deepest consistent sense creates a ‘castle in the sky’, that I term ‘lovenlightenment’. Life in the past, due to hardships, and lack of awareness of love’s special enlightening quality, has been all but barren of any evidence of coupling to enlightenment. No spiritual Master or Guru has mentioned personal evidence of otherwise. With thousands of species of life, it is only the human who can reach the possibilities of the pinnacles of consciousness and love.

Behind the professed happiness that most marrieds lie claim to, lies a very different story. How many husbands share what thoughts and desires roll across their mind, and that goes for wives too. Closeness usually can be measured in yards, and likely ‘time zones’ as practical needs consume marriages, where the quest for a deeper love is soon put on the shelf, or closet of forgotten dreams. The unification of spirit, is where two become a third entity, called ‘oneness’. All but the rare accept a lesser set of identification clothes, where love comes in and momentarily splashes evaporating in the light of unconcern for each other.

Ask most couples if they have a ‘good marriage’, and out of some respect and compassion for the other, they say yes. When I was 18, and starting college with hopes of becoming a ‘legal marriage counselor’ that could either counsel couples to stay connected while allowing love to grow together, or separate in harmony, I asked my Pastor-marriage counselor uncle a curious question. Who in the 400 member church had the best marriage? His answer I’ll never forget – ‘’No one’’! ‘They all hide behind a ‘mask of happiness’ covering ‘lies’, and only continue because that was the thing to do.’ Unhappy marriages are the general, naked truth, not to mention the ‘unhappy divorces’ that aren’t even masked!

Times are opening for a ‘spike’ in consciousness that is eternal, but for clinging to the past dogma, and beliefs on how life should be. More important than marriage is the spiritual love of self, and the compassion it emanates. Marriage, or partnering, is like a temple or church to rise to a higher consciousness together. It take two in full synchronicity with compassion, and communication to flow ‘into love’ in the same direction.   Love and enlightenment can be found once in a blue moon within for the alone seeker, but is found only in the rare marriage of deep, spiritual harmony. Be the rare, and may you together have lovenlightenment blossom in you.

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