Baby Bottle Addiction

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Baby Bottle Addiction


November 21, 2010

Addictions to harmful behaviors, or entitlements when taken away, really tell you what the person is actually like. Take a baby’s bottle away when they are enjoying it, and listen to the shrieking or bawling. People in an unconscious world, like now, get glued to those things that create a level of false expectation. That attachment, which creates a sense of entitlement, may be the politician who believes they are now entitled to extra perks that arise because of their position. In the case of politicians it’s either material gain, or power where those they serve take a back seat as the politician ‘deny’s it as  happening.

Habits of expected results, over and beyond what is the normal response for others, arises in all kinds of people with an asset that they unconsciously use to ‘vampire’ others energy with. It may be money, looks, skills, achievements, or any number of gifts that are looked upon as ‘entitlements’. One of the beauties of ‘progressing in life’ if one pays attention, is to see these sense of ‘entitlements’ of others fade into illusion, or be covered with a ‘makeover’ that hides ‘the real story’. People ‘bluff’ others with their success or happiness when their inner world is in disarray or suffering.

More and more people are on forms of legal or illegal medications that, taken diligently, mask their natural unresolved issues which they perceive as ‘going away’. In reality, we have a ticking time bomb that continues to hide behaviors that either unexpectedly rise up or eventually surface consistently years later. The pill industry is driven by the need for more and more money at the expense of people’s artificially induced lives. On ‘drugs’, intoxicating, ‘getting high substances’, most seem just fine until the drug is no longer available, and where nothing has been done to modify, or correct the latent negative behavior. The ‘hidden fears’ lurking behind medications dampen all authentic self love, and love for another in a deep sense.

There is no healthy, natural substitute for seeking the love inside oneself. The ‘God’ that people seek is found in the love waiting in the heart, which can be reached by letting go of the mental blocks to activate the heart. You can cover up mistakes and flaws with an artificial brush stroking for others to see, and feel superficially happy with the delusion, but deep down the ‘lie’ never goes away unless dealt with directly and naturally. Looking for love from others must not start without finding it within. Meditation opens the doors of the mind to let the negative out while clearing the heart for a take off to love.

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