Yikes! No Love for Me!

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Yikes! No Love for Me!


November 12, 2011
Most are going to miss drowning in love with another endlessly! However, in the valleys of love there are many endless opportunities that serve to fill other parts of the empty love house within. Love comes in many sizes, quantities, and qualities. Love comes into you through joy, sadness, grief, ecstasy, stillness, loneliness, and even hurt. Where ever one has an open heart, love can make it’s silent entry. Love can be shallow, full, or anywhere in between. It’s all up to how much your heart is open, and the circumstances that present themselves. The ego needs to be in it’s invisible state for the best opportunity of love energy to enter.

Love had less chance in past eons as man was usually very much in the survival mode with the elements of weather, disease, accidents, discomforts,  less medical help, knowledge, and a far shorter life. Strangely, with all the impediments to living then, as most of us have today, those challenges may well have brought people closer in some respects. Todays plethora of distractions and preoccupations galore likely consume most year in, and year out until one day it begins dawning on them that life is no longer ‘carefree youth’, but having the shadows of an impending end, and without much love for yourself, or for anyone else that reciprocates.

Recently a friend in her 30’s confided in me that since she was successful in her career while not being, as yet, well equipped to be in a good relationship, she felt it would be better to explore ways to love herself more. My experience is that she might very well experience more self love on her own than in a relationship for which she is either not ready for, or one that is troubling. She doesn’t want to take the chance of love becoming something she’d rather avoid. Until you are ready, there are many ways to receive, and give love without taking a wise choice in not drowning in shallow love.

Seeing who you really are, and letting go of attachments to who you’ve allowed others and yourself to become identified with is ‘freeing’ to raise the love energy that awaits attention within. Love comes in unexpected ways. Love hides where you feel unsafe. Always push the limits, with common sense, while taking risks toward the feeling of the heart, and giving with no expectations. Emotional pain caused by disappointment is an opportunity to see it is an opening of greater awareness to finding ways to treat yourself better in loving ways.

Always follow and seek the positive energy within the heart, for it’s always there with your attitude of being open, and at the same time letting go of the attachments to the negative parts of the past. Love helps you rise above to a more blissful you. If there is only one thing you can change to open the doors to let in all positive energies, it’s your attitude. Love is for everyone, just identify the barriers, and slowly let them out the door of who you are not. Love is always available to find a way in, and uplift your spirit. Celebrate life and have a good time!

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