Truth Has Consequences

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Truth Has Consequences


November 10, 2011
It’s getting harder and harder to tell what’s real. Just the other day, I learned that most ‘honey’ sold in ‘regular supermarkets’ is not real honey! We all know that what’s not true, and presented as true has even more consequences. Food, economics, politics, religions, and even friends, or love are more and more filled with deception, or a swinging door of ‘truth or lies’. Truth is the basis of our lives, and to be involved in the ‘search for truth’.

Fear of ‘letting go’ of what’s not true, has the consequences of creating more fear, and results in continuing the lies until you leave behind a once innocent soul who has converted to keeping up the charade of truth that is really the opposite. Fudging the truth has consequences that sooner or later surface, perhaps having even a fatal outcome. Fudger’s of truth depend on others who have the same habit making them easier bait for the consequences of their insincerities. Truth, as well as lies, have a ‘domino effect’ in that one truth or lie leads to more and more.

What feels like the truth, sometimes is, but truth be told, may have consequences! Case in point is drinking alcohol, or abusing drugs beyond what is ‘crossing the line of harmonious acceptance’ for the body. ‘Legal drugs’ are one of the biggest money makers in the world peddled by ‘big pharma’, and it’s help including ‘doctors’ in the business of truth. Another example is two people making love with nothing but pure intent, and finding an unexpected consequence of disease, or even pregnancy. Truth has many, many confusing aspects to weigh to prevent ‘ancillary, questionable, accompaning truths’! Following what seems to be the truth, may be the exact opposite according to nature and circumstances. What appears as ‘perfect’, or the truth, may well be a non fit for the circumstances.

Truth can be painful. People avoid truth to protect insecurities, and fears of losing something. Truth between people becomes a pleasure when any involved in the consequences have nothing to hide, and are open as much as possible to hearing, or dealing with the truth. There is a time, place, and a skillful means to convey truths to people. Those partnering, live a spiritual, conscious, loving life best when communication is totally open with only consequences of understanding and compassion. The ‘artful dodger of truth’ serves no one, not even himself ultimately. Put a happy face on the truth, for blessed are those who take the high road on integrity. Save truth from the mask of falsehood. Ride the waves of truth.

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