Elders Rape Youth

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Elders Rape Youth


November 9, 2011
The evidence is obvious, and yet few see it in America! Rapists take from the innocent to satisfy their desires with little regard for the victims. Rapists ‘manipulate, dominate, and ultimately control others for their satisfaction. The ‘rapists’ find justifications to soothe any guilt they may have, and refuse to change their behavior. In this case, the elders control the system that could accuse them of the same, instead many spin the evidence to indicate their innocence, and the youth’s deserving of the pain to better learn what they will possibly be able to do when their time of being elderly comes. Millions of elderly senselessly hoard, and for example, even throwaway their money to the thousands of gambling casinos that have popped up all over the land.

Senior Citizens, rich or poor have all the time in the world, and additionally, should have greater wisdom than the younger to put to good use helping the rest of the world to evolve into a better place for all. Then there is monetary ‘wealth’. Most of the wealth per person in this country is in the hands of the elderly, albeit not the majority of the older. According to yesterday’s news accounts, ‘the wealth gap between younger (35 down) and older (65 up), has stretched to the widest on record! The younger have job opportunities wiped out, and are saddled with housing and college debt while moving through the many challenges, including family, that make it even more difficult.

According to an Associated press article, “The typical household headed by a person 65 or older has a net worth 47 times greater than a household headed by someone under 35’’! It goes further to say the disparity a quarter of a century ago was 10 to 1 after adjustment for inflation. An incredible financial gap, and a changing of the social structures. The elderly with money clearly carry, considering they have more time and wisdom also, a very valuable position to either hurt society. or volunteering to elevate it consciously. Attachment to any sense of entitlement no matter how blessed upon one is, and to harbor deadly, self serving greed that penalizes millions, instead of showing the compassion of giving with discernment for its value, is ‘evil’.

Giving to benefit where it’s undeserved while ignoring where it is, is like throwing pearls before swine. Life and love grow with unselfish compassion from the heart to assist those who are coming also from the heart. This is a moment in time where many of our elderly have been blessed with the golden opportunity to open their hearts with giving to aid where it’s needed most. Wisdom comes with the opening of consciousness, and a spiritual sense of love and compassion as a gratitude for being so blessed to be living at this incredible time.

Of course, the younger must come to the loving aid of the elder when necessary. Respect for ‘elders’ has always been a priority throughout the ages. Now, more than any other time, it’s also important for the elders to have respect for the younger. Now is not the time to be heart’s miser, but a heart that blesses others, which in turn blesses the giver. People live much longer, why not help others to live better and longer?

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