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November 6, 2011
We’ve got DisneyLand, why not MuhammadLand or BuddhaLand? Why not put them altogether, and include DisneyLand? We are all kids at heart, and we all enjoy the opportunity to have a place where we can immerse ourselves in fantasy. Religion seems to be against laughter. Where in the Bible or Quran is laughter suggested, or having a good time? Holy books are serious business! That business involves providing ‘enough‘ reason to fill the seats of the church so that some ‘religion salesman‘ can have the opportunity to meddle in the affairs of his flock while ‘anticipating‘ a ‘kickback’ of checks, or hard cash.

The world is run on threats of violence, and fantasy. Follow the culture’s fantasy, take advantage of those who do for monetary reasons, or inspite of this, watch the violence that engulfs the world starting in the home, and workplace at a somewhat reduced level. Pray for this, and pray for that as if it’s all a ‘wish list’ of entitlements. Reminds me of a Broadway Musical I saw many times in New York City called the ‘Impossible Dream’. A nice older man with a beard looks to slay a dragon to defend his imaginary dream lady, Dulcinea, only for the audience to see that he charges a ‘windmill’ on his horse with a long sword.

Imagine a park commemorating the memories of all the earth’s ancient religions! There could be a place where you could talk to Jesus, Muhammad, or Buddha, and they would answer questions. They even would comment on the virtues of their religion as well as the fallacy’s including whether they as figures ever even existed, or if they did, whether they were actually like you or I. You could ask them anything, even something as private as, ‘did you masturbate, or how many females did you sleep with? After tiring of this, you could move on where there would be a Jesus, Muhammad, or a Buddha ride, and even a Satan ride! Everything you’d find at DisneyLand and more!

All ‘holy figures’ are metaphors, or archetypes that in past times have illustrated ways of behavior for the masses to emulate. Unfortunately, they have been made into real characters which have been taken ‘literally’, thereby causing people to focus on the ‘fake people’, thus missing the messages that are conveyed through using them. Real life needs truth, openness, compassion, love, awareness, and common sense discernment. Life has many elements of a Disneyland even in the ‘real, authentic’ world without harboring illusions that are what amounts to make-believe-real. Always look, and be open to the highest possible level of experience, and that includes love.

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