Entitlement Ego

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Entitlement Ego

November 3, 2011

Gluttony of ‘life’s circumstantial gifts’ is a self perpetuating addiction that is non compassionate to others feelings, and ultimately creates a harboring self hatred within. Living on the clouds of ‘the world owe’s me’, because of the circumstantial double sided blessing of looks (body too), talent, fame, possessions, money, or any advantage that appears to shine above others is best to never forget that it’s temporary, and a ‘gift horse’ that is best to not display behavior that ‘strokes the ego’ like a lust of pride. All gifts to stay ‘pure’, are never to be coveted selfishly while not shared with others of lesser benevolence in the area of ‘entitlement’.

The passing of time is a teacher if one is paying attention to the changes. Among other things, I’ve paid particular attention to those who seem to have fallen into the ‘entitlement category’. Generally I’ve found that they slowly hit a ‘wall’ where the sense of ‘entitlement’ continues even though the reasons for it have melted away with the realities of life. The one who expected to inherit large sums of money often led a very careless, dysfunctional life only to either find the ‘money’ elusive or not forthcoming at all. Those with some semblance of fame, be it in their own little town, often still lived in the past of those moments while others came, and went ignoring the ‘self adulation’. The pretty girl with ‘issues unresolved’, and thinking that she was the ‘enchanted cinderella’, especially faded into someone who little is paid attention to while she still carries the ‘air of entitlement’ that’s kind of ‘weird’, particularly to those who didn’t know her when she was the ‘belle of the ball’.

Although sometimes hidden, but to the very observant, the ‘entitled ego’ person often is fraught with insecurities that result in their own unconscious, contrived ways of demise. Often, unhealthy habits, be they food, drugs, and various other obsessions including a myopic observance of a religion, follow them. This type of ego expects adoration and attention,  seeming to bask in it. This type of behavior is like a drug where you feel that inner growth is not necessary beyond paying lip service to doing it while not.

Compassion for others is needed. Compassion though is false if it comes from the mind/ego. Compassion is a consequence from the heart that can only be obtained from a love or meditative state that reaches deeply, beyond the mind, and from the heart. The road out of an ‘entitlement ego’ may begin with the intent of the mind, but invariably falls back to the beginning choice in the mind if a deep sense of meditation/love is not reached. Compassion frees you from the mind, and it’s continuation of the endless ‘pranks and delusions of the mind’.  Arhata

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