Atheists – Nutcases?

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Atheists – Nutcases?
November 1, 2011
There is NOTHING in any existing ‘holy book’ saying that there are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, or atheists in another form of ‘being’ existing after the death of your body. Nothing! There is nothing that says ‘this is it’ either – dust to dust!? Give us all a reprieve, and deal with your unresolved issues, and a false intellect that ignores emotional development. There is a lot of holy and unholy gibberish by pseudo intellectuals going on this planet earth that has nothing to do with anything other than ‘ego fulfillment’, and just being a ‘no it all’ who knows less than those who know nothing!

Many so called atheists, on the other had, just don’t know what to call themselves since they follow no religion. Others of those who have no religion pick up on the word ‘agnostic’, or one who really doesn’t know if God exists or not, or any religion as the last word. Then there is another group who just never thinks about it, but just listens to the ‘proselytizers’ sometimes vulnerable to wanting to have a label, or a sense of belonging. Labels want company! Christians, Muslims, or Atheists want company so they feel vilified, or who knows what.

Atheism is NO improvement over the ‘fanaticism of any religion – which needs fanaticism as a glue to hold the misinformation together coupled with ‘here and there’ good information. Many of these chumps are ex wannabe religious salesmen, aka, ministers, etc. They often are the same manipulating, dominating, white male loudmouths that uses words that are an attack on the poor listener which they corral to let them know they are ‘righteous’, and above the masses. They are intellectual meatheads who are like evangelical proselytizers of garbage that they purport to be the spokesperson for. Get ‘Saved’ from atheists, religions, and all mouthpieces for ‘holy conjecture’!

There is no Hell, and there is no Heaven but where you are at in the moment. Life here, or especially where you go after the visit here, doesn’t ‘need’ labels but for the insecure. Why label yourself when you can be free to be who you are and becoming? Life is here and now as is love which takes a little more luck, or a sense of self worth. Home is heaven or hell, and you have much control over it with the help of whatever is beyond your ability to see. Call it ‘divine interference or protection’. No label necessary. Life and love always are ready for you in all dimensions here, and hereafter! Be ‘godly’, and always assume the best with ‘no label’.

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