Faking(?) Orgasms

Faking? Orgasms


October 31, 2011
Sounds have no language. The Chinese, Africans, Italians, or those from India make their own sounds apart from language, and the language barrier. However, everywhere most things are ‘fake’, or faked. The ‘inconvenient truth’ is to evolve spiritually, you need to be aware of what’s an illusion, or fake, to get on the ‘road journey’ to truth. Some say everything’s a fake, but a few will acknowledge that when thinking about it, there is more fake generally than truth. Life is about seeing through the ‘fake’ to the truth. The ‘truth is here and now’ only clouded by the veils of ignorance or lack of awareness.

Fake starts with ‘fake people’. Fake smiles; fake promises; fake love; fake hurts; fake sadness; fake anger; fake happiness; fake friendships; fake business; fake intentions; fake pretending; fake hopelessness; fake expectations; fake sincerity; fake excitement; fake agreements; fake caring; fake religious; fake spirituality; fake business; fake working; fake pregnancy; fake lying; fake kissing; fake boobs; fake story; fake food;  fake sick; fake honesty; fake interest; fake jewelry; fake hugs; fake death, and fake life – fake, fake, fake. The list goes on and on extending to governments, and religions faking the people. Is the world an illusion where everything is wearing a mask? It’s an individual choice to participate in the fake matrix, or to search for the truth that is hidden in plain sight!

Accountability and authenticity go hand in hand. The ‘real’ truth, can be subjective, or can be substantiated by the demonstration of verifiable facts where possible. The ‘devil of deception’ lives on following up one lie with another lie until one’s personal world becomes colored as a complete lie. The recent Wall St., Ponzi schemer, Bernie Madoff, finally got caught in his method of years of using one persons money to pay another who he claimed earned it, and serially adding scores and scores of investors, basically to pay previous ones. The ‘scheme of lie’s’ perpetuated themselves to where there was no way out but to continue the lies until death, or ‘truth knocked on the door’. Bernie now sits for life in a prison for liars.

We come into existence wondering why we are here, and where we are going. No one knows for certain, as yet, how it really works in truth. Following a path of seeking the truths is a spiritual path to see beyond the veils of deception, or lies that we tell ourselves. Spending life counting money, and accruing anything but the inner self knowing where love is found is immaterial to the ultimate truth. Without that ultimate truth from the innocence of the heart, and awareness with discernment of the mind, life is like a charade of the truth. Finding ‘truth’ through the darkness of the masks of lies, builds a spirit of love and life that avoids the fall into the world’s dark abyss of illusion. Lies are a Ponzi scheme, one begetting another, while ‘truth’ is the window to freedom and bliss.

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