Religion is Imagination

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Religion is Imagination

October 30, 2011
‘If we don’t change directions, we may end up where we are going’. What does a person who follows a religion have that a ‘well adjusted, positive, open minded’ person lack? Likely just that! Imagination is powerful, but can be harmful or destructive.  Certainly a deep love, and compassion for others, has nothing to do with following a religion. To accept what ‘ancient man’, claiming ‘channeling God’s word’ without serious questioning, is a malady that even a therapist’s couch won’t suffice to act as an exorcism of imagination gone looney! ‘Off road’ living, or following imagination without corroboration is like an addiction to a drug that has serious implications if not gotten to the root of the problem. Don’t fall for the trap of the imagination that is really ‘empty promises’.

Imagination can be wonderful as a mind game or relaxer. Santa Claus is imaginary but no serious person is attached to it being any more than that. Imagination is a powerful force to create happiness, or on the other hand, fear that can alter one’s life in a negative way. Without the ability to ‘imagine’ man becomes more like an animal who has little control over their life. Imagination that is the inception to a later special reality is wonderful. At the same time, imagination can bring in many difficulties such as ‘false expectations’, or an attachment to them being fulfilled where you could make considerable changes with the expectation of it’s ‘empty pending coming’ in to reality.

Hope is an aspect of life that can bridge you from one place to another. Add imaginary expectation to hope, and often disappointment comes, when using common sense could result in seeing many alternatives possible rather than an outcome that is a ‘coin flip’. Imagination without common sense is a ‘gamble’ that can lead to an addiction of attachment or dependency that is harmful.

All religions are a combination of truth, conjecture, instruments for others to control and dominate you, and even fear or hate. Imagine that we uncovered another religion from 20,000 years ago with ‘divine giants’ that were accepted as birthed by god! What would that do to the imaginary stories all current religions have today!

At this time, there is nothing not presented, and more, than in any holy book, and with the freedom of not feeling guilt and obligation. Religion’s imaginations can run so deep that one begins to see others, no matter how healthy they may be, as imaginary enemies or inferior people. Imagination coupled with knowledge, or wisdom is a state to covet. Imagining a ‘myth’ and even one proven as such, can be an apocalypse of your being and ‘living in truth’, instead of ‘imaginary truth’. You can become what you imagine, but make it ‘your own’ choice without any scriptures.

“The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity.
Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions,
Oaths, Doctrines, and whole carloads of other foolish trumpery that
we find in Christianity.”
— John Adams
(1735-1826) Founding Father, 2nd US President


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