Sleeping Adulterers

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Sleeping Adulterers

October 25. 2011
Though shalt commit adultery only with the consensus of all parties concerned! Adultery is a sin according to the ‘Ten Commandments’. The ‘uncivilized’ fear on some level to communicate with a compassion to all ‘loves’ involved. That includes those of some religions, like certain Mormons or Muslims, whose males lust over multiple women while thinking it’s ok, except the ‘male’ expects no agreement to allow any of his ‘lusts’ to be free to experience others.  It is no longer ‘adultery’ if all parties concerned are of open, loving, healthy minds with compassion for all involved, and an acceptance that the openness is for both partners to have what the other has.

Who’s been sleeping in your head? No healthy human survives without ‘sleeping with’ many others of the same, or opposite sex ‘in their head’. Is ‘sleeping with someone’ in the head, an ‘adulterous act’ where no one is given concern over their participation, particularly when one is married? What if it’s daydreaming, or even day dreaming while having sex with someone else particularly one married to – is it a form of adultery? Today, the question of when it’s adultery is complicated. Is the man who shuts his office door, and secretly connects in cyberspace on the ‘internet’ with porno sites creating adultery, or fornication for those who are single? Or, how about someone who pays with a credit card for live cybersex?

Sex is relatively high on the ‘desire chain’ for most people. Being able to direct desires with a compassion for anyone involved is indicative of a person being in consciousness with empathy for the feeling of others. Only in the human specie is the unique opportunity to involve sex as a method to evolve spiritually. The body and the soul are one organic whole. Both are energy, each can enhance the well being of the other. Religions have separated them to enhance their agenda for the soul, acknowledging the body as a necessity, but outside of their ‘self interest’ qualifications, an enemy.

Sex can be used among humans as a way, like all animals, to reproduce as a function. Little known is that sex can be used as a form of meditation to raise the spirit of consciousness. When both partners use ‘desire’ to satisfy the other to the highest peaks of ecstasy, something happens. That something is the essence of meditation, to empty the mind, and couple you with higher realms of being above the ‘chatter’ of others, including all religions which avoid talk of sex. Religion knows that they will lose control of their minions through raising sex to superconsciousness. All sex and ‘being’ becomes ‘sacred and divine’ when one reaches the state of a superconsciousness with the being filled with unending, illimitable love. Giving to the other creates an automatic receiving, and a deep circle of divine loving.


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