Microchip Everyone

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Microchip Everyone

October 27, 2011
We in America, with millions of dogs that are often loved more that some of our relatives, are further showing our love by microchipping them for safety of their straying off. A tiny ‘chip’ that responds to a scanner designed to locate them allows owner and dog to always find each other even if the dog has been killed. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out that missing humans can also be found if need be. However, it’s the abuse that becomes possible with the microchip that is of concern, not only personally, but by governments that can even use the microchip to alter moods, and actions of millions at the same time. The potential abuses are infinite.

A much better solution for the safety, and well being of humans is to form ‘positive connections’ with other like minded people. Microchipping pets that easily have the ability to be lost, or even stolen may make sense, but humans are not ‘pets’, and can use other forms of ‘implants’. Humans are imbued with personalities all the way from what could be considered self serving, or in the worst case, evil, to compassionate and thoughtful of others. However people, not infrequently, wether compassionate or less so,  have been known to sway in their behavior from one extreme to the other.

In the past, family was considered a very important means to support each other. Things with family togetherness are still valuable imprint connections, but due to changing times, many find themselves estranged from others in the family. Slowly rising are extended families involving both immediate family, relatives of ‘outer connection’, associates in work, and friends in general. Close connections with others is a vital contributor to a pleasant, joyful life.

Most important in connections with people are positive, loving, unconditional relationships that can be relied on for a feeling of belonging. These relationships can even be referred to as ‘sacred’, knowing that they don’t change, and needlessly vaporize with the wind. Love and caring, with compassion, are human forms of invisible substitutes for any need of a ‘microchip’. In a sense, we can form our own ‘teams of positive people’ as we eliminate or harmoniously reposition people who don’t fit into contributing to a more blissful life. It’s been my experience that not gathering negative people close to one’s life, and only positive, loving types is a helpful choice in having a more harmonious, positive life. Positive either converts or eliminates the negative!

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