Stunted Love

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Stunted Love

October 21, 2011
Unless you love someone with all your heart, body, mind, and soul, spiritual growth is stunted. If that happens, as it is so rare, and yet very possible at this time in life, there is every possibility of rising through love beyond all programming from the past. Serving ‘two masters’ is to be a master of neither. The ‘worldly master’ of accumulation has it’s rewards, but will be deficient in the real growth of the spiritual riches that are in a sense ‘possessive’ of needing a persons total undivided attention.

Try both journeys at the same time, but at some point, the material path needs to be dropped in order to see from experience the invisible jewels that are endless on the path of the spiritual. The material can become a barrier between you and the soul. The material is not necessary to avoid, but the attachment to the desire of more and more is invasive to the vulnerability of the soul. Focus on being detached – even to the focus! Crimping a lifestyle or love style is tantamount to creating a self made handicap mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The enemy of the evolving self is within, and the attachment to that enemy is a self condemnatory attitude, as is attachment to outer impediments of a negative nature. Removing, and letting go of inner and outer barriers facilitates the growth of inner expressions and evolving growth. Often we let in our perceptions of what others might think of us in a negative way that will act to harm all movement in a more positive direction. It comes down to a choice that each can become the writer, director, producer, and actor of who or what we want to be. With no conscious intent, we still are the same but with no focus, or likely reach of potential.

Always be internally rising up from yesterday. As you move through the veils of darkness that block the light of insight, undesirable imperfections begin to dissolve.  Love needs nourishment and not the ‘stunting’, or holding back that self doubts and fears bring. Love seems like misery, feelings of imprisonment, and a sense of losing freedoms because of holding back self love, and being conditional. Love that’s polluted with anxieties, fears, and misunderstandings is like water or air that is polluted. Healthy love in unconditional, innocent, liberating and pure, always seeing the heart of the other, and from your own heart. Why disable ones love from reaching the zenith of its potential? Arhata

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