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October 14, 2010
God exists … but…. Atheism is a reaction against the greatest scam ever created. There are no atheists except those in the same delusion as those who worship the ‘man made god’ (See Barbara Walker’s, Man Made God). The ‘God’ worshipped by all religions is not a God who cherishes woman as an equal to man, but as his servant. That God is a fictional construct by male ego’s to protect the ‘fiefdoms of wishes’.To create a ‘fictional’ God is the most genius creation of man in history (his-story). In the old, travel on foot days, with no books, man was simpler. To convey something out of his mental grasp, words were used in which he could understand. ‘God’ was one of them.

Unfortunately, humans by the billions in the 21st century are still mentally clogged with some of those ancient words that have been twisted into an image that is purely illusion. Because of fear, apathy, and ignorance only a small percentage have managed to see this word ‘God’ has been devilized to mean something that creates ‘worship of imaginary spirits’. ‘Atheistism’ as a reaction to the ‘misinterpretation’, but with little heart and correct common sense. The God we hear everyone, it seems, refer to is a ‘Devil God’ which is a double illusion.

It’s time to turn the windshield wipers on while consistently on this dark, rainy, inclement road to no where, and look at the new clear map to find the happiness, and blessings within instead of having faith in that road that leads to ‘who knows where’. You are lost in this ‘lonely game we play’ if you’re not searching, and lost in a masquerade of mirrors seeing what is not. You’ve gotten in the way (ego) of seeing that all the answers are within, and in no book or preaching. Crawling around in the muck of the past is to miss what’s outside of the box of delusion.

Scamming the self is outdated. Everyone needs to start up anew and see what’s better!
All wars are started by lies, so then it follows that peace can be obtained by ‘sticking to the truth’ in the heart, and awareness with our friend discernment. Humans have been at ‘war with themselves’ since ‘forever’s thousands of prior generations. It’s time now to shake all the negative past off and open eyes to fresh, invigorating new beginning regardless of where you are at in life. Freedom is more than a word. God is lots more than a word to ‘believe in’. See beyond what you’ve become accustomed to – there lies answers never imagined! Time to see this and jump for joy with a ‘yippe-ki-yay’!

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