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Diapers & Religion


October 19-2011
Early last century, there were few diapers until someone found that they were a way to make money, as well as to serve a perceived need. Diapers are primarily worn by children who are not potty trained or suffer from bedwetting. Conversely, religions are like ‘diapers’ for those who need security for fear of having a mental/emotional breakdown with out what is really an imaginary boogieman in the sky to console all their fears, and promise everlasting life on the gold lined streets, or filled with virgin ‘heaven’.

Religious salesmen in some religions have a great sense of humor and even, call their church/temple seatings, ‘pews’ ostensibly from experience of a lack of potty training or fart training, especially for adults. People go to church or temple because they are sick even though few will admit it. I’ve talked to many, many what I call ‘religion salesmen’ – none disagree with it that they serve the sick, and of course don’t push that point. It’s better the sheep don’t know they are getting sheared.
With the exception of ‘religion salesmen’, people, when they reach a certain maturity realize that ‘religion is a diaper’ for those who refuse to open their minds, and hearts to have the courage to see that the journey to the highest consciousness is a journey alone with no one to follow, and no book will ever be the answer. Life’s answers are floating in the wind for each individual to catch by themselves. At best ‘holy teachings’ are a step to begin to see the gifts beyond which only the courageous and mature can see. The ‘religious salesmen’, in a sense, are ‘baby sitters’ for those still not able to spiritually function on their own.
We have a rather authentic advanced, ‘beyond a church’ in my town of 22 churches (one for every 400 people – which by the way is common in this country!). This ‘non church like’ gathering place out populates some of those 22 churches, three to five times! My soul sister and ‘comrade (AcharyaS) in telling the truth’, is invited to speak there soon. What’s big about that is she’s one of the leading ‘religion historians’, and has written 6 books exposing the many myths of all ‘holy books’ as fabrications with no historical validity.
Every truth that is ‘other-worldly’ comes from within, and not from any other source. Be relaxed, in a state of effortlessness and receptivity. In that space, all the truths that religions proselytize, and much more will come in that state of consciousness. Outgrow the diapers of religion that are a barrier, ironically, to deep truths. Religion and diapers should be changed often, and for the same reason! Arhata

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