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Islam World Religion

October 9, 2011
Christianity is dead, living only on fumes of the ‘born again’, and the 1/2 million + ‘religious salesmen’. Muslims pray 5 times a day like clock work. Most Christian are lucky to see the inside of a church every other Sunday. ‘Slam-bam-thank-you-mam’, ‘I love Jesus as my Savior’, and that’s enough. Rare is the Christian who has an open mind to question whether it has been discovered that their is ‘no trace in historical writing substantiating any of the old or new testament characters by ‘objective researchers’. No one is likely allowed to say that in any church without being ostracized, and shown the door.

As ancient as Islam is, it’s the last surviving large, and growing religion. Islam is the only religion where ‘researchers’ have found ‘possible’ concrete evidence of it’s founder/inspiration, that being Muhammad. Islam was born out of the Jewish and Christian religions as an improvement. Even many of the characters from the old and new testaments are given a place, and respect in the Quran. All religions started in the time of the caveman because of fears and superstition. Slowly they began to form, borrowing from each other. For almost 1500 years, only ‘offshoots’ of religions have developed with some interpretation change. Few are conscious enough to drop religion, and see beyond them to evolve spiritually.

A major problem with the Islamic-Judeo-Christian religions is that they are based on fictional characters who are centuries ago chose to weave together many parable stories, but people have taken to, in a sense, idolize these characters who, at best, are ‘archetypes’ of people to ‘set standards of behavioral living’. Religion will not disappear overnight as recent scientists are becoming aware that behavior patterns are passed down through DNA to the offspring. Specifically, religion programming, particularly of the extremely devout is somewhat inherited especially when combined with parents who are already into a religion.

Love, deep love cancels all need for religion. That truth will take humanity a very long time to open their eyes, mind, and heart to as religions programming is like a ‘trauma’ that one endlessly clings to, and just the mind cannot move beyond. Love is not a religion – it is the essence of life, and Godliness!  At this time, there are demonstrations across the US over economics, and social ills that have brought people to the boiling point in asking for change. In addition to a ‘Occupy Wall St.’, why not a demonstration of ‘Occupy Love’ both within, to someone special, and to all others?!
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