Gay Takeover of Christianity

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Gay Takeover of Christianity


October 7, 2011
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? Seems like a real gay ‘trio’! Whether a country, religion, or a person, being open to people’s non harmful sexual choices is the sign of maturity. We’ve come a long way, baby, in the last few years from women not being able to vote, blacks not allowed in sports or certain public places, gays being open in the military, gay marriage, and the list goes on and on. Seems like yesterday when most looked at ‘meditation’ and yoga with suspicion. Transexuals? Our favorite ‘Dancing With the Stars’ TV program has it’s first ‘transexual’. Something is happening!

Gays make the best neighbors, and oh, I’ve had some cranky hetero’s, not that with my ‘spiritual communities’ that I haven’t pushed a few buttons! People live in boxes – some with little peepholes. The one’s looking through those little holes give the world hope that they just might ‘jump out of the box of ignorance and denial’. The biggest box to avoid the reality of truth is religion, or all religions. They are most clever at spinning yarns and guilt to entrap the vulnerable even making them think their belief in a Muhammad or Jesus saved them! Why they never consider that others who were helped out of a trauma relied on no great religious Icon is a mystery, or is it?!

Gays now need to pay back the world beginning with being ‘activists’ for Jesus! But, not in the ‘normal’ way! Male and female gays need to begin working together to focus their numbers on going to ‘particular’ churches, and opening the minds of the ‘dusty christians’ who live in judgment. The ‘gays’ tend to be more ‘open minded’ than most non gays (naturally, they’ve had to be), and recognize the truth that all characters in the Old and New Testaments are really ‘archetypes’ or characters in a story that is filled with parables, metaphors, analogies, etc. The worship of ‘idols’, like ‘voodoo’, is at the base of the conflict between evolving humanity, and followers of the ancient words that are merely symbolic.

It’s time for transformational role modeling, and halting ‘linear thinking’, moving out of the boxes of closed mindedness, and worship of biblical characters as idols. ‘Vertical thinking’ will pop you out of the box of thinking your way, that’s based on what amounts to ‘fairy tales’, is ‘the way’ or you’ll go to eternal hell! Millions lead a blessed life filling their hearts with love that is the ONLY way to connect with godliness. The ‘gays’ have the power of the ‘Father, Son, and Holy Ghost’ to bring this world to a more compassionate state through ‘spirituality and awareness’ of an evolving way of life.

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