Wall St. is ‘You’

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Wall St. is YOU


October 6, 2011
Streets have rules. There are lanes of traffic, stop signs, caution signs, directional signs and so forth, particularly when traffic reaches a point where it should be managed for the safety of others. There is a network of people who read the concerns of the people and institute guidelines. When people are not listened to, the rules that make things flow in the interest of all, are ‘bent’ to serve the greedy, and non caring who more and more, make their own rules. Whoever holds the administering of ‘consciousness and truth’ must continue to serve everyone in the highest form possible. Wall St. is a street that need rules, and to be followed.

Having worked on Wall St. approaching 20 years, I can confidently say that whether meeting a mail clerk, vice president, corporate attorney, or CEO of a corporation, they all are much like you and me. Every major American city is an extension of Wall St. A significant amount of people were good students at a University, or just well qualified to earn the best living they could to supplement their interpretation of the ‘American Dream’. It’s about landing an opportunity to work hard, and smart like anywhere, be it a manufacturing plant or any profession. We are all measured in our works for others to always perform the best we can. Some work harder at it than others. On Wall St., working hard, and smart translates to the 1 or 2% richest.

Each person values money differently. Many have a passion to do something, like teaching, or being a forest ranger that’s not about making a fortune. Some have a passion for running a corporation or being part of a team handling ways to make money for others. Those electing to be in a position to increase income with no limits, naturally want to try and do that. They can’t be faulted for looking for every positive common sense way available to them to earn more and more. However, there needs to be parameters or rules to guide them in a way that is ‘conscious’ to others. In the past few years, politicians have lifted valuable rules, and ignored financial abuse.

Oversight of human behaviors is necessary by those who are ‘sitting in consciousness’, and with the ability to enforce the compliance to those rules for the benefit of others with good intentions. Politics in America, unfortunately, is selling itself short for it’s own benefit, in kowtowing to large blocks of voters, such as the religious right, which has a strong influence on who represents us even though they are not open to seeing major fallacies in their beliefs. Their influence allows a small minority of ‘moneyed interests’, to control them for their own interests. It’s ‘plucking believers’ votes and using them for their own interests. Solzhenitsyn put it his way: The truth will make you free, but falsehood always brings violence in its wake. And, as we mourn today the death of the master mind behind the world’s greatest communication device, the Apple Computers,
“…….don’t listen to dogma, the results of other people’s thinking.” – Steve Jobs

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