Haunted House Light

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Haunted House Light


October 1, 2011
Call it an ‘exorcism’ or a ‘born again’ rebirth, but escaping from the perceived terror of the dark entanglements of the outer, and inner is to shed a kind of relentless, haunting nightmare. Between your feet and the top of your head is, for many, like a haunted house with only an occasional glimmer of hope of letting go of the all consuming darkness. Negative thought and feeling is like an ‘embalming fluid’ for keeping alive what is already long gone and dead. Some where within everyone is a seed of light that only needs the shades drawn to let in the glow.

As I do my daily meditation walk in the early hours of the morning, I walk a lonely road surrounded by tall firs that barely can be seen in the dark. There are places on that road where the sight of the road can’t be seen in the dark, and only looking far ahead to the dimmer darkness at the end of the road can I steer away from the perils of walking into the woods. Fear dances around me but not ‘within’ except for the ‘practical fear/concern’ of keeping on the path. It’s like a ‘haunted  road’ with an occasional raccoon, coyote, deer, cougar, or rabbit rustling among the bushes or dashing across the road.

When dreams are replaced by nightmares as one sleeps or walks through life, action can be taken to ‘turn the knob of light’ up to bring in more peace and bliss. The mind absorbs that which it won’t let go of the attachment to from the past. Negatives are transformed into palpable opportunities to experience the positive. Only when one is already ‘negative’ is the journey with negative bumps in the road perilous. Where ever you are within your mind, the same opportunities lie waiting to take the high road into a more fulfilling direction. It’s just more of a challenge for those carrying more negative on their shoulders.

Why stay attached to what causes grief, heartache, fear, and frustration when you have the choice to make the ‘road’ enjoyable? ‘Light’ in the haunted house of the self is to make it a home of love possible. Always move toward the light, and even in darkness the negatives, and fears diminish into an awareness of positivity. The path we take is but a choice, and a choice with an intent to move beyond the hauntings of darkness.

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