Female ‘Crack Cocaine’

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Female’Crack Cocaine’


October 3, 2011
Men have brains on ‘viagra-lust’ for sex. The maturity of most males on the planet, even in this educated country, is missing serious emotional intelligence. Clearly, the society here is significantly of drugs that are legal or illegal, in addition to psychological mind drugs. Often overlooked is both the ‘drug and non drug male user’. The drug for millions of men that have inadequate self control mechanisms are ‘females’ of all ages, particularly young attractive ones who don’t realize that they are a ‘walking drug’ to men on varying degrees of effect up to being like ‘crack cocaine’ to a minority who harass, and sometimes rape for personal lust satisfaction at the expense of the female.

What brought this particularly to mind was a pretty female friend who recently confided what had happened to her the other night. A few friends came over to her house where they proceeded to listen to music, laugh, and have a good time as people in their 20’s often do. Some were new acquaintances, and others friends. Near midnight the party disbanded, with her going to bed. Having fallen sleep promptly, she awoke 20 minutes after everyone had left quite startled to find one of the acquaintances in bed with her. He forced himself on her to cooperate in having sex. The guy had a suspicious sexual harassment reputation, according to police, with other females, similar to this one.

Males, are endowed by nature to be more aggressive than the female, and yet humans have the ability to manage with sensitivity, and compassion toward others. Males need to be aware of the dangers of their extra energy and it’s use. Females, unfortunately, need to be aware that many males have very little self control, and are addicted to females like a drug junkie who slithers in the dark to get his fix regardless of the imminently impending consequences. Sadly, any female of any age, and look needs to be on appropriate alert to their circumstances.

Male or female, a state of compassionate consciousness is a necessary state to evolve to. Life is a teacher, but we can be a teacher to life that is out of synchronicity with a sense of respect and heartfelt concern for another’s sense of peaceful being. The most important goal in life is not success in the outer world, but finding the love within and the awareness, with discernment where possible. Males need to be conscious of all activities that involve females, and the sensitivity which they need rather then self fulfilling, hurtful ones. Male energy needs refinement to make it an evolving world from the violent insane world they, almost alone, have made. Sex is an opportunity to mutually reach to the depths of the heart with full sensitivity and love for the other.

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