Truths in Holy Quran

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Truths in Holy Quran


September 30, 2011
The ‘Holy Quran’ has many truths within it’s covers. Whether it has any more than the Bible, Bhagavad G?t?, the Torah, the Diamond Sutra of the Buddhists, or any other book on ‘proper conduct’ is a mystery. The real problem, lies within the billions who misinterpret and act on negative scriptures no longer valid but may have been back in a more (?) barbaric world. Most people, particularly when younger and most vulnerable, are easily susceptible to authority figures offering ‘mental candy’ that turns to poison if you don’t take it.  False truths are like chocolate cover coated candy made by the evil witch with a drug that puts you into a spell.

Rote learning can desensitize otherwise healthy people into a robotic trance relative to thoughts and actions outside of the interpretation of ‘ancient words’ that well may have had a very different meaning when they were written down. To take for example, a domesticated animal like the dog where for dozens or hundreds of generation’s dogs have been taught certain behaviors representative of their type. Certain dogs are hunters, others guard dogs, or just play mates, etc. The ‘training’ goes so deep that it, according to scientists studying animal behavior,  results in them being born with the instincts or DNA to follow certain mannerisms.

Recently, using that observation, and other research, scientists of human behavior are beginning to admit that even strong ‘religion programming’ is passed on in the ‘genetics’ in varying degrees. Of course, cultural and social factors fuel this possibility one way or the other. One of life’s offerings is to have options to choose anything, and ‘way’, we can imagine. Those options are both enhanced, or constrained by service to a set way of rules, often being religion. The same options are available, and more, without the curse in the holy books if you don’t stay within their dictums.

None of today’s writers on the spiritual are as negative as thousands of lines are in the Quran, Bible, Old testament, Book of Mormon, and all the many others that claim there’s is the only way. No credible, contemporary, spiritual writer suggests their way is the only one. None put women in a position of having to serve man, none are anti gay, or against mutually agreed upon sex. All of today’s ‘wise’ only suggest to read and decide.  As the chinese fabled Lao Tzu says, “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” Live life loving yourself, and the flow of having compassion for others will be in synchronicity with love itself.

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