Innocence in Maturity

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Innocence in Maturity

September 30, 2011
Innocence is the most beautiful phenomenon in the world. The glow, and smile of a baby is a treasure to behold and remember. Perhaps they smile because they know that they’ll be taken care of for a long time in the future. Trust is an instinct of innocence. The look of love is the look of innocence. Innocence needs protection for the trust to be beyond questioning. Never lose the sense of innocence, and yet keep the eyes of discernment open especially when you have become the ‘protector’. To be totally vulnerable is to be in a ‘slice of heaven’.

To lose innocence is to lose the freedom of the soul to nurture itself beyond the attachments to the minds travesties. The mind is both the friend and the enemy. The mind that ignores the heart, and looks to fulfill it’s desires not only at the expense of practical needs, but impervious to others sensitivities, is a mind that separates itself from the balance of the input of the heart. The road to ‘greed’ is filled with the ‘rocks of heart blockage’ that darkens the sight and feeling of the healthy heart. The blind heart is the heart of the destruction of innocence.

The mind is a friend when allowed to ripen in balance with the sensitivities of the heart. The mind, or ego is weaker that has not reached the peaks of it’s growth with the heart. To gain the mind of wisdom is to lose the mind of the self serving intellect that dries up the childlike sensitivities which are needed to dissolve it. The mind of the ego, paradoxically, needs to grow, but in a direction that is fed by the heart’s love.  A weaker mind, ironically, cannot move itself above life’s ‘lower wants and desires’.  Be your natural self and the heart and mind will merge into it’s natural innocence.

Your mind is like a mirror, and reflects what you have put in it. Your innocence is just forgotten like dust on a mirror.  Start letting go of attachments to all negative programming including negative memories that have nothing to do with who you are now in this moment. Remember to be free, and not become a slave of a busy mind that really needs a rest daily. You have learned that to remain innocent is dangerous. It is only dangerous if you don’t stay in awareness, and use discernment in what you do and think. Focus on the ‘breath of life’ free of mental entanglements allowing yourself to see and feel nature, and the innocence will arise again. Innocence is your natural state and is mature. Arhata

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