Grow Taller Spiritually

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Grow Taller Spiritually


September 26, 2011
There is no limit to how high spiritually we can realize, instead of physical limitations to growing taller beyond a certain age. Emotional development is particularly an impetus to spiritual growth. Mentally, it is a question of how we are able to ‘let go’ of the babbling, chattering mind. The old ‘male’ way is to grow physically stronger, and for little purpose in this age other than to fulfill the ego. Unfortunately, between growing physically stronger, and financially, humans today are essentially blind to growing in the heart with love and compassion.

In searching for a partner, we avoid the obvious one in partnering with ourselves in the deep spiritual sense. Both sexes, rarely look for the ‘spiritual qualities’ in the search for a soul mate. No soul mates last long in the physical. ‘Physical mates’ are most conditionally tuned for short term alliances. Mental mates quickly become dull and boring not seeing how the emotional depth leads to a spiritual bonding that has life changing meaning. Marriage typically is based on decisions that are not given the opportunity for mutual growth except for the material.

The material and personal physical both have some, differing importance, but in the long run, very marginal. Happiness measured by primarily material wealth is fleeting, being an obstacle to real spiritual growth. Less of an obstacle, but still a barrier, is the attachment to the desire of physical perfection. Either has it’s value, but is often skewed leaving the inner emotional, spiritual growth unattended while wondering what’s missing to dampen what could be the joys and bliss of every day.

There is a saying in Hindu Scriptures – If you live a simple and honest life, the right answers comes to you automatically at the right time, whether you know it or not. ‘Attached to desires’ grow into a greed and self importance that darkens the light of the innocence of the vulnerable heart. A house divided against itself never becomes a home. The human quest needs to be to find the home within, and not become attached to the outer.  Silence in the inner will open to reveal the truths on the outer.  Better to have nothing in possessions than to have limitless material possessions. Enjoy the material and the physical without attachment, and the emotional/spiritual will have a fertile environment to grow beyond imagination.

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