Addicted to Love

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Addicted to Love


September 26, 2011
Addicted to addictions is to be addicted to illusions. A wandering mind into the need to have what one thinks are needs, is one that needs a chaperone. Scientists have recently proven that ‘meditating’ can return one to a clear balance. It is a chaperone out of the complacency to not look at oneself through the intertwined buzzing of thoughts and feelings that one has become addicted to. Addictions are behaviors that one does with unconsciousness to satisfy a need that has become an illusory addiction. A single behavior, like smoking, is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when in fact it’s representative of an addictive personality.

Addictions are usually invisible to the one addicted. For example, ‘not speaking up’ is a silent addiction likely based on avoiding fear of condemnation, and not conscious discernment as to the value of doing so. Religions are an addiction where you remain quiet, and unquestioning as ‘a religion slumber’ overcomes you, not even seeming like another addiction. Their is a term in psychology called an ‘obsessive compulsive disorder, or ‘OCD’, where from one to many addictions go ‘viral’, and meet with no control, or conscious decisions to let go, and move in a healthier direction.

Addictions cover up unresolved issues that create a misery, resulting in a certain miserliness. The more you look at yourself for correction of habits that have limited, or have no value to yourself or others, the more it will be easier to rise above all habits which have a negative invisible control over your life. Casting your fate to the redundancy of ‘looping’ negative habits is a waste of seeing the beauty that is really within you. Symptoms of an addictive personality are infinite in their expression, and destroy all intimate connections with anyone.

The journey of replacing bad habits/addictions with good, flexible, creative, and positive behavior patterns may be a slow long journey, but one of learning who you really are, and teaching yourself things that can later help another and another. Life is remarkably short as the journey reaches beyond the physical youth, and thoughts of ‘lasting forever’, but the journey is long, and can be quite enjoyable if one is moving beyond the veils of illusion into inner life’s truths. Make life a dance of excitement, and it’s not about ‘happiness’, but about the shear excitement of moving into the unknown each day. Addictions merely weigh one down, like being overweight and sluggish. Let Go, and be free to be who you really are.

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