My Dog Muhammad

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My Dog Muhammad
September 22, 2011
I have 2 beautiful, smart part Siberian husky dogs who don’t seem to mind the names I call them. The female is Muhammed, and the male is Abortion. Actually, I don’t think either one of them really cares about the unusual names, and the fact that their names stand for a certain consciousness. Both names stand for ‘freedom’ of expression for all. I prefer names that are provocative, and make people think. In America, popular dog names are more creative than human names like John, David, Mary, etc. Popular dog names are still non creative like; Max, Bella, Buddy, Daisy, Maggie, Duke, Lucy, etc.

Creative, meaningful thinking outside of a ‘rote learning box’ is as uncommon as questioning what in society controls our behaviors in the different cultures. For example, in cultures where Islam dominates, there are strict, non freedom rules that represent selective individuals rights to live in various ways that we in this culture accept.  Our sacred free speech there is severely censored with threats of a variety of punishments, including death in much of the world. The rights of women are particularly rigid where they are little more than a slave. Even in this country, women are still not given certain opportunities, or choices that only they should be able to make for themselves.

Certainly if Muhammad were alive he would see that dog is man’s best friend unlike those who misinterpret most of what has been written in his behalf, praise be upon him, in the ‘Holy Quran’. Muslims typically look down on dogs as they do to woman’s freedom, not to mention the right to choose to abort or not. This bad behavior inspired me to use Muhammad’s name with my dog to symbolize ‘freedom of speech’ and thought. Muhammad has no interest in being a Muslim as a dog, acknowledging that he is not a ‘parrot’ who quotes scripture.

Look at the whole human kind in whatever way (even dogs), it is always for freedom, and searching for freedom. It may be religious, political, economic, psychological, even marital — mind is always groping for freedom. Perhaps ‘freedom’ is the deepest, greatest need. Any barrier, and slavery, any limitation, creates a fight against it. The whole human history is a ‘fight for freedom’ – mostly male, of course.

Seems like 1/2 the houses in America can bark when you walk by with your dog, at least in countries where there is ‘freedom’, and not the slavery imposed by religio/political tyranny. It’s challenging to know what each can do to make a difference in the world consciousness. Perhaps opening the mind up, and naming our animals names that reflect the need to break down barriers of repression is one way, or even selecting names for ourselves that transcend the boring norm, and cultural yawnings. Freedom begins inside oneself, but change the ‘outside’ and the inner will follow suit too!

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