Fire in the Furnace

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Fire in the Furnace


September 20, 2011
It’s an old trick by India’s ‘holy men/gurus’ to feign superiority by seeming to eliminate sexual desires, with few realizing that this unnatural act just represses the urge then spreading the illusion that it’s the ‘spiritual thing to do’. The catholic priests do the same thing only perverting their desires into acts unbecoming to what they preach, and a poor representation of a healthy human being. Hypocrisy fills the air as cunning men who have managed to use their minds to control, manipulate, and dominate spread this ‘fake behavioral spin’ throughout the world. Perhaps nothing has harmed humankind more than the ‘guilt’ caused though out all cultures.

Recipients of this ‘repression of sex’ manipulation, cling to the message, and guilt all their lives. Men have used this ‘false information’ in all aspects of society to control the females as well as confuse the vast majority of males into an unconscious use of the technique while experiencing  the negatives of what results in a variety of behavioral maladies including perversions that harm the innocent. The perversions are too vast to mention but with modern advances in technology, millions of men hide their obsessions with sex behind the closed doors interacting with ‘cybersex’ fantasies.

A healthy human doesn’t need to repress any healthy bodily function. A  young educated, single woman I know, of Asian lineage, avoids all men displaying any sexual interest, and having nearly none herself. She has chosen unconsciously, probably influenced by a ‘repressive old culture’ to operate almost exclusively from the mind. Operating from just the mind with little influence from the two main energy points of the heart and sexual area results in her case, to be able to lead her life from just thinking. The mind with little connection to the other two energy ‘vortexes’ creates an ‘out of balance’ person who personally creates internal confusion as well as spreading it to others. One result is the constraint of the ability to openly communicate on many levels with themselves, and others often leading to stresses which activate many otherwise non existent ailments.

Letting go of erroneous programming from the past is a journey, and an art that will result in a balance and opening of all aspects of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. As the gardens of the earth, need no book of purported wisdom to reach their eye catching beauty, neither does the human to reach their magnificent consciousness. The human who is on ‘fire’ with energy from ‘top to bottom’ is a deeply loving, compassionate being that with awareness and discernment is the new, healthy being who needs no rules but what the natural balance mentioned provides! Keep the fire in the belly. Keep a passion of fire!

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