Groupies for Mindlessness

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Groupies for Mindlessness


September 18, 2011
Teenagers are well known to be ‘groupies’, or belonging to a group that feeds their security and illusion of importance. It’s godly to know that no human seeking truth follows any human past or present, instead following your open heart and awareness.  Our perceptions of reality control our evolution. It’s necessary to stop being victims of our own beliefs instead of living in consciousness above attachment to words, and the erroneous perception.

We need to create a more harmonious world. First thing is to know who we are! Each human is different, but we must always seek the direction of finding harmony within whatever is presented to our experience. We are ‘receivers’ of what we act out. The invisible forces shape what we become in the physical realm. Those ‘invisible forces’ are in the spirit, hence we are spiritual IF we open ourselves to that. Earth is actually heaven if we open ourselves to the higher spirit and bring it inward. Buying other people’s stories while ignoring our self, creates the dissonance that we experience.

The mind is both conscious and subconscious. The subconscious just repeats our experiences over and over. The conscious mind connects to the spirit and creates our evolution. The conscious mind leaps over the ‘robotic mind’ or subconscious mind and leads to a higher power of experiencing life. What is in the subconscious mind is often downloaded from other people’s belief systems, particularly reflecting what happened in your experiences the first 5 or 6 years. Negative programming feeds on itself if not reprogrammed. Religions know that if they get into your mind the first few years, you are subconsciously programmed to follow that.

Living in the moment in the highest consciousness is like a ‘honeymoon’. That ‘honeymoon’ is feeling love, especially consistently. A ‘honeymoon’ of intense love is fuel for consciousness, and is programmed into the sub conscious. A busy mind works from the subconscious which sadly is likely filled with little ‘experienced love’. Staying in the present moment activates the conscious mind. Rewrite the subconscious mind with a ‘honeymoon’ feeling of love. Meditation creates love, and it can be done most often alone. Two conscious beings merging always in the ‘now’ is also a meditation, and a most powerful one. Love comes in opening the heart while bypassing the mind.

Be destructive in the outer world in some form, and it reflects itself in the inner self. Respond different to the outer environment and the inner changes within the subconscious. Change perception and the whole inner self begins to change. Your real truth perceptions are from you, and your loving experiences – never from a book, no matter how enticing. See yourself as the Buddha or Christ, and in consciousness in whatever comes to your experiences that is the highest form of YOU, no other’s names are even necessary. Love is spontaneous when the hearts perception is open. You change immediately! You are ‘victims’ of nothing but a ‘belief system’ – know who you are, and drop any belief system as well as negative habits. Self creation is evolution!

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