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What’s Goin’ On??

September 14, 2011
It’s time to take your head out of the little world around you, and find out what’s really goin’ on! There was a time not long ago when the world seemed simpler. Now there are things happening at the ‘speed of light’ which will affect you, and all the things in your personal life that few people have ever taken the time to become aware of. I talk to many hundreds of people every year, and am shocked at how many avoid any effort to evolve themselves, or know ‘what’s going on’ in the world that needs their awareness to block a social-person armageddon.

The answer to see what’s ‘goin’ on’ is to pay attention to both the inner you, and what’s going on in every part of your personal life, with family, friends, strangers, and then the rapidly changing world out there. I continue to do the ‘largest display of free speech in the world’ publicly, where I encounter more than thousands and millions of people, mostly in a ‘zone’ oblivious to anything but food, someone playing music, and shopping.
Very few are actively interested in anything but the everyday routines, what they can buy, driving their cars, monetary security, and general ‘gluttony’ which of course they call something else.

Ignorance is bliss, but not when you’re unknowingly in harm’s way! Existence has no obligation to fulfill our expectations. Technology has made living much easier but at the same time more complicated to see the ease made. Even small things like a radio are not just easy for the uninformed to turn off and on, or find a new station anymore. Once learned, it’s easy. Millions learn ways to use intricate technology while understanding themselves, and the world is largely ignored. Obsession with technological marvels at the expense or attention to inner growth, not to mention being aware of the truth of ‘what’s goin’ on’ in the world, is a waste of the divine times we are in to blossom into high conscious beings.

Nothing is permanent. Life is always in change, subtle though it may be. Expectation of permanence does create frustration where with little expectation but to make the best of what comes with as much creativity and positivity is much healthier. Enjoy where you are, and be open to changing times that have hidden enjoyments within them. Live in awareness, and the heart as well as with people who do likewise. Mutual compassion is divine. Pain often comes when reaching for the moon and it disappears. Stay in flux with the past, present, and future. Things can be looked at as happening for a reason. The reasons can be your choice to grow in greater insight and opportunity. That’s ‘what’s goin’ on’! Always remain in a let-go!

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