Flip-Flopping Through Life

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Flip-Flopping Through Life

September 1, 2011
Who are you? Moving in two directions at the same time, tightens or eliminates the flexibility to move in the better of the two directions. Living to just survive, fearing the alternative of death, is in a sense a non courageous choice to avoid being just a weed in the garden of life when with the same effort you can be a noble fir or a rose bush that sees and feels more of how to make life worth living for yourself and others. Living life on a yo-yoing bungee cord hanging on the the edge of non survival makes no sense.

Aesop’s Fables, from ancient Greece, illustrate the parallels between imaginary stories as metaphors for real live experiencing.  One of the short fables was ‘The Crow and the Pitcher’, where a thirsty crow comes upon a pitcher with water at the bottom. Having a ‘beak’ too short to reach the water at the bottom, and failing to push over the pitcher, he begins to drop a stone into the water of the pitcher. One by one the rock and the water rise to the top until the crow is able to drink the water.  The moral could be the ‘virtue of ingenuity’, or the virtue of having a single purpose.

There is no greater purpose in life than to find the paths that you think would make life most fulfilling. Being a ‘human hamster’ in life, and not walking or popping out of the endless spinning cage is to abort all the potentials available to everyone that this ‘never before’ opening in life has presented. Well over half the people are ‘walls’, in like ‘talking to a wall’. Hardly anyone is home but some repetitive complainer since a child repeating and repeating patterns, and habits that only give reason to complain why they can’t have better choices. It’s time to pull back the shades and let the light in so you can better see who you really are, and ways to improve on that as well as circumstances.

Drop all fear and guilt, whosoever you are, whatsoever you are, and wheresoever you are. You are accepted by all of the godliness in the world. No need to worry – accept yourself. Start living your life through your heart, feelings, and body as if the moment of life starts right now. Listen to your heart, and soon a transformation will begin to illuminate who you really are. All things are possible through God, and that comes through you! Let the mind be the servant of your heart, not it’s master!

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