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September 2, 2011
Those who believe exactly what millions of others do, need to check out of the ‘sheep walkers’ groupies for a look-see at the ‘real world’. The biggest among prisons is that of religions that are kept alive since ancient times by luring the ‘sheeple’ into a crowd in buildings designating for ‘recharging or reprogramming’. In the US, the government supports these (mostly sweet) ‘knuckleheads’ by giving ‘free of taxation’ land, buildings, vehicles, etc., from which they daily use the participants to support their agendas. Studies have shown that outside of these prisons some people actually survive in love, happiness, and never ending miracles in a state of Godliness. As one of those free of ancient dictum, I experience just that!

‘Sleep walkin’ people, through ready made life, serves the ‘controllers’ who profit in votes and/or financial reward. Whether one was born a few years ago, or a hundred years ago, all the ancient ‘holy ways’ are waiting like an old shoe for you to slip into and tether yourself to. Why question what millions and millions of people have kept alive for millenniums? If you still think the intelligence of the masses on this abused planet are into questioning whether there is historical evidence or not of the characters in all holy books, put on a ‘dunce cap’ and get into the sheeple line!

The literature of the ‘holy books’ often reads as beautiful, and even worthy of good information for living. Have not thousands of books in the last few decades contained more contemporary literature for an evolving life without any reference to the ancient religion books? Have you seriously read a few? Have you read even one book by a noted objective religion researcher who has found, like his peers, that there is no historical evidence of nearly all figures of religion? Is ‘fear’ of having been mislead crowding out sensible thinking?

The only sane way to stay in contact with life, is to think and feel for yourself, and not rely on anyone else’s words.  Crowd sheeple have messed up the world while letting others to their thinking. Religions come to a full stop in life with ‘imaginary promises of a heaven that NO ONE has been able to describe. Question everything you’ve been told, and move without anyone’s words into a connection to the heart, higher consciousness, and discernment of fact from fiction. Truth happens to individuals, not to crowds. Become sharper and more intelligent by taking risks for greater brilliance of inner knowing. Truth is not a belief, it is intelligence! Let go of all beliefs so that you become open for a journey into seeing truths. Free thought and feeling leads to an authentic you, and maybe will spread to catapult millions and millions into Christ/Buddha like beings filling the planet soon.

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