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New World Teacher


August 22, 2011
Christians believe there will be a ‘second coming’ of Christ to ‘save the world’s souls’. This ancient pronouncement is open to infinite interpretations, and perhaps is just allegorical for a ‘happening’ that raises the consciousness of the people. Capitalists have used the term ‘New World Order’ which may have differing meanings and perceptions. One thing for sure, there has been nothing but ‘Old World Disorder’. A healthy, positive New World Order (NWO) is not a sustainable possibility without a complete change in world thinking, and living.

A ‘New World Teacher’ (NWT) of encouraging loving the self, others, and to be awake so as to find and select the best possible of choices in all matters of living, is necessary. The NWT must encourage methods to move deeper into love and compassion transcending all obstacles with an acceptance and balance of all live’s situations be they challenges or gifts. Order only will come when order of each being is encouraged and sought by all without the old time need of directions from holy books with their obsession preaching warning fears of eternal hell.

The answers of life are in the heart and awareness, with discernment. Let life be the teacher with that as guides. Be open to the wisdoms of those who have experienced all aspects of life on the journey’s road. Cry when necessary just as laughter must be a part of you. Life gives many opportunities from suffering to joy, accept and see beyond all situations for the larger picture. Seek harmony with nature and higher aspects of life while paying attention to the unavoidable negative which, as much as it may not seem so, always has a hidden opportunity to see what good can be found to heal, or perhaps alter directions.

Ultimately living your life as a Christ, Buddha, or any high personification of a more ‘enlightened being’ makes you a teacher to yourself as well as an inspiration for others who also need direction in their quest to be a ‘second coming’. The world, due to innovative burgeoning technology and better information than ever as aids to evolve, is set to either sink and destroy itself, or taking the high road with more and more becoming ‘World Teachers’ beginning with oneself. Take the time to make opening the heart and consciousness as being the major priority always being who you are. YOU are your world!!!

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